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PowerBook G4 Aluminium disassembly?


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Yes, I've seen the guides and it seems to be a long and tiresome process.

One of my G4s are having overheating problems, and after resetting the pmu with no succes, I consider opening it to have a look.

Any experience?



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made one good out of two bad units.

Was painful...

many screws all around, most of them not of the same size, spent a whole afternoon.



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I use a cupcake pan (or two) to help keep track of screws.  Helps make it slightly less painful.



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IFixit has guides, with numbered steps. Make a numbered grid on paper and put the screws by step in the appropriately numbered grid space.

I once did this surgery on a 12” PowerBook G4 and it was not so very bad, honestly.



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A lot of these powerbook g4's have a small scratch line or detaching just above dvd drive. Its best to pull back that slightly left center clip properly to avoid damage to the case.  



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I just replaced the logic board in a 15-inch Powerbook. I usually grab heavy card stock and fold some packing tape over and stick it down stick side up. That way, I can stick the screws down in the order and arrangement they were removed. The fiddly little hook that secures the front of the palmrest above the Superdrive slot is a bear to remove though. Be patient with that one. I also didn't reconnect the optical drive cable correctly and I'm reluctant to open it back up to fix it. Take your time.



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I used the iFixit guide.  Kept the screws for each stage on separate card, clearly marked for position.  Slow and steady, and you'll get there.



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They're not bad, they just take patience. If you have ice cube trays or an egg carton you can use them to hold the screws. Marking where they went isn't a bad idea either.

iBooks are way worse.