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Performa 475 ethernet card


I've got the following card for my 475:


The problem is that my system 7.5.3 doesn't see it

Apple's NIC drivers v1.4.4 not working also.

Does anybody know NIC manufacturer or drivers set for SMC chip?



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The board is very small for the early/mid 1990s. There is no socket for an optional FPU. So it may have been designed for one of the NuBus LC family, and thus may work with OS shipping drives for OS 7.6 onwards.

Have you used any hardware probers against this card. Vendor and device descriptions are always useful. Because then you can Google a bit, find something that looks similar, and spoof the drivers to work.

And please, please, give an indication of location. If you tell people *roughly* where you live, "roughly" local people may offer you stuff.



I will try OS 7.5.5, but it seems 3rd party board, so I don't believe in success.

What hardware probers can you recommend? I have no idea about them.

As for my local people - at present they have a difficulties to give me an answer...



BTW, on the back of a NIC I have found some strange symbols.

The questions are:

- What "TLE" means?

- What is the logo in the triangle?




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I remember I had to install a apple NSI (if I remember) before the card driver.
There is also a driver named "API 1.1Ethernet Installer.image"

From http://vintageapple.org/macdrivers/nic/focus/ReadMe.txt
"Filename: Ethernet Installer.image.sit.hqx
Name: EtherLAN Card Installer (1.1.3)

This software is the latest version of the EtherLAN Card Installer. This fixes a problem with our cards when installed into the Macintosh LC III. Use it ONLY with FOCUS Enhancements' NEWER EtherLAN Cards. These cards can be identified by the presense of a large square IC marked "SMC". Compressed disk image. Image created with Disk Copy 4.2. Stuffit 3.0 archive."

By the way I will sell a coax lc pds card on ebay