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PCMCIA Card Ejects at boot, Any way to change that?

Rick Dangerous

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So I have a CD card setup as a extra hard drive for my 3400c (running 9.0.4) Every time i start it up it ejects it. Is there anywhere in settings I can change that so it doesn't? Just want to reduce wear and tear and not have to mess with it so much.

It's funny when i loaded an OS on there and made it the Boot drive; it won't eject it; so it knows the difference and it's possible. Just wondering if i can do the same for it if it's simply an extra storage drive with no OS.

Thanks for any tips!


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Rick, I don't think so. The Mac treats it just like a floppy, unfortunately, where if there is no bootable System Folder, it will be ejected. Unless someone has a workaround, I am not sure that it can easily be changed.