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Monitor Project Weekend


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I have several monitor projects that have been stacking up, so this weekend is when I finally start rolling through them. I don't know how far I will get, but I'll post the pics as I complete them.
1) Apple M0401's - I have two of these that desperately need retrobriting and then I will be working to take the 'branding' out of the cases. They work fine, because the guts are fantastic, sony, trinitron, goodness (they are built like a tank inside).
2) Commodore 1084SD1 - I got this a few years back and it has a bad power switch that I am going to replace, a cracked case that needs to be repaired and I have a re-cap kit that I am debating on, since other than the power switch, it seems to work fine. It could use retrobrite treatment as well (since I am making other repairs to the case, I'm kinda lookin at original-but-yellowed in the rear view mirror)
3) RGB to HDMI - I got all my mouser parts (including those that were backordered) and need to assemble my boards, once all the the other projects have been finished up (or maybe while I am waiting for soaking parts to finish).