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Mac SE Prototype *PICTURES*


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Here's an example of an early prototype Mac SE. The transparent case was for smoke testing at Apple. I think there are less than 3 of these out in the real world. I know another person who owns one but all the rest are at Apple.





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Awesome! Mac SE! Hey, I would suggest you make your own thread for your very cool Mac SE there.

I'm sure everyone is dying to know all the juicy details, How you got it, Who was the original owner?

etc, and maybe make another thread on that MacII you have, that belonged to Steve Jobs. :)

However, Very nice! Welcome to 68kmla !!!! :)




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Welcome aboard!
Smoke testing? Cooling?
Thanks and I will start a new post shortly. Thanks for your advice.

Yes, from what I've read/heard, this was the first personal computer with a fan. To make sure the computer was getting adequately cooled, they would filter smoke though the computer to see how it moved through the machine. So yes, its sort of both testing the cooling. The machine was sold to me buy a friend who worked on the original project. I have all the manuals, the carry case, working correct 20MB HD, 8mhz board, etc. I even have the ethernet card but don't have it hooked up right now. The guy had some really cool stories about the machine and seeing how I know there cannot be more than 3 in the real world it has to be one of the rarest/most iconic Mac ever produced.



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To be fair, there were plenty of Personal Computers with fans prior to the Mac SE but the Mac SE was the first Apple Computer with a fan.