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Latest aquisition - G5 Dual Core (2.3)


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Picked up a G5 Dual Core 2.3Ghz Powermac at auction for $30 NZD (that's around $20 of your American dollars):

I wasn't expecting to win it, but felt bad that the starting bid was only $20 with a few minutes to run on the auction, so I put in a bid to bump the price up to a more respectable figure. And won it much to my surprise.

Didn't have a hard drive, keyboard, mouse, or monitor. And only had the base 512MB of RAM, but other than that she's in tidy condition (except for a large cosmetic scratch on one of the side plates).

Threw in a Sandisk 120GB SSD into the "upper" tier drive bay. Booted a 10.4.6 install on USB (
), installed 10.4.6, then installed Mac OS 9.2.2 using the netboot image. Sweetness! Have ordered another 2GB of RAM (2 x 1GB sticks of DDR2-4200).


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Ordered 16GB (8x2GB sticks) of DDR2-533 RAM from ebay, which arrived promptly. Put it in, and unfortunately it looks as though a pair of the RAM slots is bad, as 'only' 12GB registers.

I've had my suspicions of this as the existing sticks of RAM I had (4 X 1GB) also didn't all show up when in certain slots.

Now just waiting on the ATI x1900GT to arrive & flash :)


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Update: the x1900 arrived and successfully flashed - although I had to dig out an old Win XP era machine running BIOS rather than UEFI to get the atiflash program to work. Runs great, but the fans spin full speed all the time, so I'll probably wire in a controller at some stage.

Fiddled with a bunch of RAM, and have eventually found 16GB which work, albeit at the slightly slower DDR2-400 speed for all a6GB.

All up, very pleased.