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Idea, and some contributions.

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Machine Reviews.

Besides just providing facts, we should let people voice their opinions of a machine. What do people think? Like a spereate section of it. Sort of how Low End Mac has ratings for machines. These can be community decided.

I can also provide better photos of the 68k Powerbooks, and a few other macs.

I hope the idea is welcomed. :beige:



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Small anecdotes about the machines would be a very interesting idea -- One possibility is to use the talk area of any given machine's page to talk about it. For longer comments, user-space or sub-pages would be a good idea.

i.e. make a link to a subpage for an anecdote or user story, such as this: http://68kmla.org/wiki/Macintosh_Quadra_840AV/anecdote1

(note that I haven't actually created the link, I Just typed the slash and anecdote1 after the 840AV bit, but you would be able to create the link pretty easily.)

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