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Fan replacement for SE/30


The fan on my SE/30 is kind of loud. I love the perfect silence of the Plus, but acknowledge that the 68030 needs better cooling. Has anyone tried replacing the built-in fan with a quieter one?


Wow, what a video! I've ordered the fan he recommends; with that much thought and effort put into the video, I have no doubt it's a great choice. Thanks!


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Does JDW end up recommending a Noctua fan? (I watched the video previously but don’t recall). Nanoxia also makes a great 60mm fan under its Deep Silence brand which is excellent, and to my recollection comes in a version that is both quieter and moves more air (CFM) than the comparable Noctua fan — worth a look perhaps. I have several of these and they are terrific. I don’t recall the precise Noctua stats however, and JDW certainly does his research!



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I followed the same video and put in a new fan. It's quieter but still not... whisper quiet. So far, so good.