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External HD PSU


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I cannot say 100% for sure for your APS, but all 2.5"disks I know, also SCSI ones, work with 5V.

Also, my (mostly) cable less plug-on SCSI enclosure works with 5V.
"Mostly cable less" because it plugs directly into the SCSI port (which is enough of a mechanical support for the relatively lightweight drive) but came with an ADB cable for 5V power support from the ADB bus. When SCSI-plugged directly into a desktop Mac this cable isn't used since the Mac feeds 5V into the SCSI connector.

So you may be able to use your drive even without any external power source.


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I’m going to guess 5V, because there’s no regulator.. I love small cases like this, because you can put a SCSI2SD in there, and power it from the SCSI buss.... As a matter of fact, if ya decide you don’t want it, lemme know what you’d want for it.
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