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Color Classic won't turn on - Analog board issue

Good Evening

Looking for some help with with an analog board issue I'm having. I recently acquired a Color Classic that doesn't power on. With the logic board removed, flipping on the power switch with it plugged in creates a constant clicking sound. Here is what I've tried thus far:

Full recap of the board, verified all caps are installed correctly.
Replaced the Optocoupler and TDA IC chips
Checked the large resistors
Checked for cracked solder joints

The CP16 capacitor has a crack in it, but I don't believe it is what is causing the issue. Not sure where to go from here so looking for someone to point me in the right direction.


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Not well versed in color classics, is CP16 on the AB or LB? AB recapped as well? I'd say any caps with a crack are dead, but if it has anything to do with what you're seeing, no idea.
An Update to this: I've replaced a few more common failure components. I replaced the RIFA cap that was cracked in the above photo along with a film cap. I also replaced the 1N4148 diodes and an IRFBC40 MOSFET. Board is still having the same issue and I feel like I'm coming up short on ideas of what the issue could be.


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Could it be a grounding issue? I believe the CC MB shield needs good contact.
Could it be a grounding issue? I believe the CC MB shield needs good contact.
Could be, not sure what points it needs to be in contact at to ground? I haven't tested the AB fully outside of the case because i'm not sure if thats safe to do without the flyback being connected.


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What is the expected behaviour when testing a CC without the LB installed? Have you tried a test with a known good LB?