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Color Classic II Main Board Repair Log


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Got a Color Classic II main board that was turning on, but the screen wouldn't go on and there was no sound (and this is on a known good analog board). The CC2 board was also completely recapped

Looked around, making sure I didn't make any errors, I looked around online and noticed the 341s0788 controlled much of the power on stuff, so I changed it from a ppc parts board and it sprung to life.

Next was working on the sound. It wasn't coming out of both the speaker or the output jack on the board. Made sure all of the capacitors were fine and no broken traces, then I took a parts board and transplanted the 343s0129. Sound came back, all is well.

End of repair.
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Thanks for the log. Caps, Egret and Apple Sound Chip/DFAC are the common points of failure on these boards for sure.