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Cheap USB mouse adapter for 128k/512k/Plus?


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If you can tap into the raw pulses coming off a ball mouse's encoders, you can pipe them to the 512k's port.

Implementation is left as an exercise for the reader.



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SmallyMouse2 could work, it's to provide a semi-universal USB to quadrature mouse converter.

It looks like there's also a new project called mouSTer which is in development and should make a really nice clean tiny adapter PCB, and has joystick support for some reason, but no Mac emulation mode as of yet (maybe you could help them add it?)

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This is information from thread that was lost in the June 2021 server crash. It relates to this post so adding it here. It is more information regarding the building of a mouse compatible with Mac Plus and earlier compact macintoshes. The original post indicated with the right Logitech Optical mouse it was a 1 to 1 pin to axis connection that just worked. After reading the prior post, though I haven't built yet, I picked a Logitech Optical USB Wired Mouse Model M-BJ69 830667-0000 as one that would work. Also these are the pinouts which should help with the build (again, haven't personally built yet).


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