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Case Fan - Failing or Contact Issue?


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Performa 550 (with 575 board) - All of the sudden, the fan is intermittent. I noticed that it wasn't spinning, tapped the vicinity, and it spun up. It's quiet and when pushed, spins easily.

The fan is NMB 3110NL-04W-B20. It's also very clean. Do these have a tendency to fail? Or is it more likely that it's not making constant contact with the power pins? Car light bulbs sometimes need dielectric grease. Would a dab here help?

Apple's housing is quite nice; metal frame with rubber dampeners. Although they didn't put provisions for four screws, only two.

Also, while the case is off is there any other handy maintenance?

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Probably just clean the contacts on both the fan and analog board. Maybe bend the fan's contacts outward slightly if there are still occasional running problems.

Other than blowing out dust there isn't much to be done maintenance-wise. Depending on how dusty it is I would do a partial disassembly to clean out the floppy and CD drives but that's a little more intensive.



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Thanks, Franklinstein. I did notice that one of the board contacts was slightly bent backward. The dust seemed minimal compared to some machines that I've received.