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C# Library for writing PICT Images


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Not sure if there's any .NET devs here, but I've ported the TwelveMonkeys PICT encoder to C# and added support for 8-bit images. 

It's available from Github at https://github.com/pgodwin/PictSharp

This has mostly been written for my GopherProxy project to have the option of PICT images alongside GIF. It may also be useful for other projects that wish to add PICT as an output format.


jamie marchant

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I don't need that at the moment but I'll keep that in mind if I do in the future. 

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Hoping I'm not breaking the rules by necroposting, but just letting everyone know that this has been updated.

New features:
  • Supports .NET Core for cross-platform usage (via .NET Standard 2.0) and is available as a nuget package
  • Now supports 1bpp, 2bpp, 4bpp as well as 8bpp and 32bpp from before
  • Should now work with images with arbitary widths (ie no longer has to be a power of 2)
  • Fix some strange encoding issues with the bitstream which prevented Quicktime on Windows from opening some images.


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Another thanks for the necro! I don't write much C#, but I wasn't aware of any open source third party PICT encoders/decoders prior to seeing this thread, so having two for reference is great! If I get some extra time I'd like to try my hand to porting it to Objective-C or Swift.