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BlueSCSI 1.1a Expansion Slot Bracket for SE and SE/30


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Hey 68kMLA!

I'm very excited to finally release my latest printed bracket design, which mounts the BlueSCSI 1.1a in the Expansion Slot on a Macintosh SE or SE/30!


The main goal of this bracket is to make the microSD card as easily accessible as possible, while keeping your Mac fully "enclosed" (e.g. with no obvious holes in it). The microSD card "sticks out" as much as possible while maintaining a 0.8 mm wall (which is about the thinnest that you can go with a 0.4 mm nozzle). Because of the recess of the Macintosh SE bracket in the case, it's still not super easy to get the microSD card out. I can work it out with one finger on each side, but tweezers do make it a lot easier. Reinstalling it is a snap - I have no trouble installing the microSD card with my bare hands. An ejector-style microSD slot might help this, if you're building your own BlueSCSI for this application.

Also features:

Flush fit: This printed bracket sits flush with the face of the Macintosh SE bracket for a clean look.

LED Light pipe: Very useful for troubleshooting microSD card and image issues. The light pipe uses a simple press fit. In a well-lit room, the red LED is pretty dim, but the green LED is nice and bright. I also made the lens on the light pipe the exact same size as the activity LED lens on the front of the Macintosh SE. It's all about the details!

Blink code indicators: What does 3 blinks mean?! The glyphs on the bracket tell you what you need to know.

Extra hard drive screw storage: When you remove your old failing SCSI hard drive to replace it with a BlueSCSI, you can attach the screws to this bracket. That way, when you stumble on an Asante Maccon Ethernet card, or maybe a Micron Xceed videocard (heavy breathing), you'll have the original hard drive screws waiting and ready to move your BlueSCSI to the hard drive bay.

M3 nuts slotted into the bracket! M3 nuts inside the bracket mean you can snug the M3 screws down nice and snugly. Yeah... that's not going anywhere.

Potato: It has a potato on it.





There are two ways for you to get one! If you have a 3D printer, and want to take a crack at printing your own, you can grab the files, instructions, and hardware list from Prusa Printers.

If you don't have a printer, you can buy one from my Etsy shop, and it will include all of the hardware. If it's not in stock, check back in a day or two. 100 percent of the proceeds go towards keeping the 3D printers fed, and additions to my retro Macintosh collection. I can stop whenever I want, right?


Massive thanks to the BlueSCSI team for creating an affordable, reliable, performant solid-state SCSI hard disk replacement! Expect to see at least one more BlueSCSI-related part soon.


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Heads up! There were some minor fitment issues with the original 1.0 release, so I have released version 1.1 which makes some minor fitment improvements.
  • Made the light pipe narrower to accommodate Bluepills with a vertically-installed programming header
  • Moved the light pipe slightly further from the microSD card slot to improve fitment with Bluepills with vertically-installed programming headers
  • Created a void underneath the Bluepill pins, so you don't have to trim off the Bluepill pins on the bottom of the BlueSCSI for everything to fit in the bracket
  • Increased the height of the microSD card slot
  • Removed the 1.0 models from Prusa Printers
As before, you're welcome to print your own with the files on Prusa Printers, or you can purchase brackets on my Etsy shop.

Note: The files are released with a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, and No Derivatives license.


Nice project! Good job with the design.
An ejector-style microSD slot might help this, if you're building your own BlueSCSI for this application.
I'm working on a smaller desktop BlueSCSI which is almost done. It coincidentally uses an ejector-style microSD slot, but it's on the side. Maybe I'll make a new design with the right mounting holes and dimensions, but uses this slot.


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@PotatoFi thanks so much for such a great design. I just bought a 3D printer and this was my first project to print. My print needs a bit of finesse with the Cura slicer program to clean it up, but it fits the BlueSCSI perfectly. Thanks.


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Agreed, excellent job @PotatoFi ! I printed one along with a programmer’s switch for my SE last spring and it worked great!


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