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ATTO ExpressPCI UL2S Firmware?


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So i bought an Atto ExpressPCI UL2S for my PowerMac 8600/Kansas project thinking I had the correct firmware to flash it on hand, but apparently I have the UL2D firmware, which won't flash the UL2S. Does anyone have a mac firmware for this card?

thanks much!


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Please post back if you find a source for Atto software/firmware. I have a UL2D card (I think) but I have no Utility or updaters for it. I suspect it is some kind of bastard card that was an OEM for Apple.

It has two SCSI busses, but one only has an internal connector and the other only has an external connector.


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Ul2d driver for mac, might have firmware updater in it:

I tried that, even installed Windows 10 on an old PC I had in the closet, but it only seems to update existing drivers and won't download/install new ones.

I did try the UL3D utilities (they are on macintoshgarden as well), but it won't install due to it being a different card.

Thanks for the help guys, almost ready to give up and buy a PCS or UL3D as I have firmware for those.


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UL3D, or at least mine, has the firmware for PC and Mac on the same card. No need to update or flash, it works in either/or.