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Any one heard of a SCSI graph?


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That's a pretty awesome add-on, would be interesting to see it hooked up to huge screen, but probably not practical.



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I've been working on replicating a similar functionality, but with the Radius PowerView, using RaSCSI. Here's a picture of color output from a SE/30 :D

The Radius drivers seem to have some arbitrary limitations - like it will only work on certain Macs and only goes up to 800x600 resolution.

I should go into business cloning this. :cool:
I'm happy to help with this endeavor!! I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these for a long time... just to clone it. :) If you'd ever consider loaning out your ScuzzyGraph, or would be willing to do some data captures for me using a RaSCSI, please let me know!

When you enable higher resolutions, does the ScuzzyView driver reserve a bunch of system memory for the framebuffer? With the Powerview, it appears to render everything in RAM, then just transfer the frame buffer over SCSI. So, as you increase the color depth and resolution, PowerView reserves more and more RAM.