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Adaptec SCSI PCI-Cards


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I have a Ultra-SCSI-card in my Digital Audio. It's an Adaptec AHA-2930CU Mac-Version.
Unfortunately I don't have a cable with the smaller 50-pin plug (or is it 68-pin?) necessary for my card. So I cannot test it with my even older SCSI-devices. Hence my questions about compatibility.

I find the situation very confusing. There are contradicting statements from Adaptec about Mac OS compatibility.
In one document a compatibility from System 8.0 on is listed and 2 paragraphs later from 8.6.
Similar about OS X. There are kernel extensions from 2001 or so. Some support documents claim no longer any support for OS X, some claim compatibility up to 10.5.8. Also sometimes it's claimed that OS X comes with the kernel extension already in place.

Also, I'm unsure about the ability to boot from a SCSI device. I remember having heard that only Apple's cards are bootable. So, how can you identify them?

I know my question are sometimes über-specific. But probably somebody can share her/his experiences.

BTW: The firmware ROM is version 4.2 and dates from 1999. Here's a picture of my card