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68k theme


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How can the theme be customized to exude 68k-ness? :) Here are a couple suggestions. Feel free to add more!

*Make form widgets resemble System 7 - simple black and white, with rounded corners on buttons.

*Make form buttons (button, reset, submit) and labels use Chicago, Charcoal, Virtue fonts.

*Use other "period" fonts (and look-alikes for fallback) where generics are used (e.g. New York for serif fonts).

*Use the Mac face background. (Not sure of the legality but it would be cool.)



68kMLA Admin Emeritus
Once I have a theme made up for the forums when we move to phpBB 3, I'll see if I can tie the Wiki in... I'm sure it can be done fairly easily. It'd be nice to have everything tied together...



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Definitely - a consistent theme across 68kmla.org would be slick. Font and color choices plus a logo can go a long way toward tying everything together.