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    MacSE Mobius-30 33Mhz

    Hi. Does anyone have a scan of the Mobius 030 manual? Want to get this old girl I've been handed running. Not sure what the little daughter board north of the video card VRAM & Xilinx fpga does. The bit that has the 3-pole shunt. Also keen to have a play with the external video for...
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    C++ namespaces

    $Greetings. :) I'm trying to find a compiler for 68k that supports C++ namespaces and ideally also with namespace aliasing support. I've tried Symantec C++ v8r6 and CodeWarrior v11. Anyone recommend one? (Happy to pay if it's not abandonware). Current setup: O/S: 7.6.1 System: LC-III...
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    Zif Carrier Advice

    G'day. Posted in Conquests.. probably should be here. I've got a 7500/100 and a fair few G3 Zif cpu's around. Anyone recommend a zif carrier card to look out for and buy? Anyone suggest where I could buy one from? Best Wishes, Al
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    Roadkill! 7500/100

    Greetings All! :) After pimping out my 7100/80 with a G3, more RAM, SCSI2SD, video card, AV carrier and 10/100 nubus ethernets and using it most days for a little over a year, driving home last week I spotted some tasty road-kill in a massive pile of retroleum and generic detritus. It's a...
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    G5 2.1ghz iMac Road-kill

    So.. $parent ends up in hospital again and the other night I'm driving home after visiting hours and spotto a G5 in a pile of detritus out front of this place. This thing is fiiiiiilthy and has old UNSW stickers all over it. Some smoker had it and it's just gummed up. So I get it home, plug it...
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    AsanteFAST 10/100 Nubus drivers

    G'day, Anyone has a copy of the AsanteFAST 10/100 installation/driver disk for Nubus cards? I've accidentally cooked my copy. :( What I have is here: http://ns4.reboot.net.au/hardware/AsanteFAST/ But.. the all important install disk (not the installer util.. they kept that separate for...
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    7100/80AV Clown-Car-Funny-Crash

    oops! This time with the rest of the tests run. Muh bad.
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    7100/80AV Clown-Car-Funny-Crash

    Okay, so thanks for the pointers and PM's. I've not got old-mate running nicely. For giggles, I've benchmarked the machine at 80mhz with the stock PPC601, then again once the Sonnet Crescendo is running and configured on 7.6.1. Accel is on the left. Non-Accel on the right. I had to re-touch...
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    7100/80AV Clown-Car-Funny-Crash

    G'day, I've managed to score a quite beaten up 7100/80AV I want for a project. I've given it a good clean and it doesn't appear to have any leaking caps. I'm half tempted to just re-cap the thing for good measure as I've had to do with a few of my older systems. Anyway, it fires up, gives the...
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    5500/250 directors special screen res

    G'day, I've got a 5500/250 cranking and fed it upto 9.2.2 using third party installer. Specs at everymac say that big Bertha's capable of 1024x768 in 16bit. I can't seem to find anything beyond 8x0*6xx at any depth. Anyone know how to increase the resolution? Thanks in advance. Al
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    IIsi and Daystar 040

    G'day, Currently I'm recapping my old IIsi mobo after the video stopped working. Here's hoping it's just caps. Anyway, I've got a Daystar 33mhz 040 accel that I want to use in it. Yes I know these things traditionally should be pimping out SE/30's rah rah..okay. But I gave my SE/30 away to a...