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    Apple Macintosh II Bus Master NUBUS card?

    I think I have that card somewhere. Anybody know if there are drivers needed for it?
  2. Unknown_K

    My 68k Horde

    Apple DOS compatibility cable.
  3. Unknown_K

    Quadra 950, a tad worse for wear

    Yes, looks like the bezel is for a Syquest drive. Never seen that bezel before.
  4. Unknown_K

    My 68k Horde

    http://longview.be/fun-with-apple-aux-on-a-iifx.html Rasterops Paintboard Lightning. That link has drivers and the V 2.0 ROM.
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    x86 card revival thread

    My 386 class boards use a virtual file on the Mac HD for booting plus the Macs mouse and video for control. The ISA slot would probably be used for a network card.
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    JoeCard Manual & Software?

    I have one of their cards boxed for the 4400 series.
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    Is there anything interesting one can do with A/UX?

    I only use it on my AWS95. It works great for a file sharing server (faster than any other 68k mac) and the built in UNIX version of Retrospect makes backups easy enough. X11 is interesting to play with but I never did much with it (same with Desqview/X on the PC side). Not sure I would worry...
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    Can anyone identify this mystery IIci Cache Card?

    The only funky IIci cache cards I own have company labels on them.
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    Titanium PowerBooks performance: 550 MHz model really so slow?

    Using Norton Utilities 6.0.3 the CPU in the 500 (with 1MB L3) is rated much faster than the 550 with 256K L2. Of course it could be the whole program runs in cache on the 500.
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    Titanium PowerBooks performance: 550 MHz model really so slow?

    I just checked and I do have a 550 model TiBook.
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    G4 RAID

    Thats a PCI-X card? What AJA card is in there?
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    DOS Compatibility Card for Power Macintosh 6100

    I wonder if you can just run that card stand alone with a simple cable that has audio, video, and joystick connections with its own monitor.
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    Titanium PowerBooks performance: 550 MHz model really so slow?

    2007 was a long time ago for web browsing. I actually browsed the web on a Q950 back in the very early 2000's for kicks.
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    Macintosh II Will Not Power On.

    Cheap soldering irons are under $14 shipped. https://www.ebay.com/itm/403505615965
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    Macintosh II Will Not Power On.

    Plastic is non conductive so the guitar pick probably didn't hurt anything. Fuses can blow without burning if they are fast acting, you wouldn't notice without a multimeter. While axial capacitors don't leak, they can dry up inside and quit working without bloating. Luckily for those you can...