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    MacPro 8 Core Cheese Grater

    Thanks. It looks like it's pretty much stock and I just bought a USB 3 card for it. 
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    MacPro 8 Core Cheese Grater

    At work they were going to recycle an old MacPro cheese grater tower. 8 core Xeon.  I asked my boss if I could have it and he said yes!  It’s now my Plex server. Great machine-even better that it was free!  Lots of good videos on how to upgrade them. Now I need to get rid of my PowerMac G5...
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    Quicksilver Troubleshooting

    I have a 733MHz G4 tower and when I power it on, it does the usual fan surging sound, but no chime then immediately shuts down.  Pushing the CUDA button doesn't help.  Is that a bad power supply?
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    Aww, do I need caps?

    I took my SE/30 out today, I haven’t used it in probably almost 12 years, but I do remember it working back in the day.  Started it up, no chime, just scrambled video (see photo).  Turned it off and Deoxit’d the RAM sticks, ROM and slots.  The caps didn’t look bad or leaky nor did the battery...
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    Apple IIc Monitor Died

    I opened it up and found the offending blown fuse.  It's a 125V 750mA fuse.  Not sure if that's the correct one to be in there.  Of course the only ones we have in the office are 250V 3.5A.  No Radio Shacks anymore, so it'll be 3-5 days before we get a replacement unless I've got some at home. ...
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    Apple IIc Monitor Died

    We had a power surge and now my IIc won't come on.  I've swapped power cables, outlets and power strips.  The only thing I could find about it possibly having an internal fuse was a Reddit thread.  I really don't want to have to take this apart, discharge the CRT, etc, but figured I'd ask the...
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    Newest conquest: Apple IIc

    We have one at work that our boss was going to surplus!  I asked him if I could keep it at my desk (I work in the IT department) and he said only if I make it so it has a message that says “Welcome to the IT Department” or something.  So I made a video of Apple // and classic Mac video clips and...
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    Black MacBook

    I got a Black MacBook from my previous job a while back and it's just been sitting collecting dust...until now.  Before I got a MacBook Pro for running my MIDI apps, I was using another black MacBook and I still have it as a backup.  This one I figured I'd use as a parts machine, but it works...
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    Apple Logo-Branded Tool

    I found this today and wondered if it was in fact a legitimate Apple-branded item or something some 3rd party company made.  Either way it's headed to my collection. :)
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    PPC, okay it's a PS3, but technically a PPC, right?

    It's ALIVE (again)! I was able to solder the sheared off component back onto the bluray's board.  Soooo frickin' teeny!  I'm used to soldering thru-hole stuff.  I threw a random disc in and it recognized it fine.  Since I disassembled the board from the bluray drive, (I read that you can run...
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    PPC, okay it's a PS3, but technically a PPC, right?

    Someone was giving away a fat PS3, in peices, in a box, on CL a while back, and I snagged it.  I just got around to putting it back together and unfortunately I get the dreaded '3 beep' error when I try to turn it on. :(   From what I've read it's pertaining to the HDD.  The HDD i got with it...
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    Indigo iBook

    Here's my iBook cover. Anyone know what brand it is? I'm thinking Kensington for some reason, but don't see any markings on it.
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    Indigo iBook

    I've had this for a few years, and its been sitting in a box in my basement, untouched since I brought it home. I had forgotten about it. The company I was working for at the time had a palette of old CPUs and CRT monitors that were going to the recycle center. Since I was the IT guy for the...
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    Intel iMac, 17" C2D

    I helped my father in law with an iMac upgrade and transferred all his info (his 5th Mac: LCII, Beige PM G3, Snow iMac G3, Intel iMac, now a 21.5" iMac), and he gave me his old one. :) It's got the vertical line issue, but still usable. I'm going to upgrade the RAM and use it for my...
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    Apple Studio Display (LCD)

    I just picked up an LCD Studio Display (blue translucent) from the local thrift store. It's pretty dusty, and I have yet to fire it up... A quick search led me to the setup PDF, and it didn't come with a power brick. :disapprove: I was sooo excited to see it that I quickly put it into my...