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    Mac 128k componen value for C48

    I'm trying to figure out the component on the Macintosh 128k board at C48. Looks like it would be capacitors between the 2 memory rows. Does anybody happen to know the value for them? its an uncommon fault so I can't seem to find the value of it would be. (I'm guessing its the same value for...
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    Fan replacement for SE/30

    @JDW has
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    powerbook 5300cs

    Picked up never-used reconditioned PB 5300cs from @maceffects ebay store.  Lucky the plastic was still wrapped around the battery as the connectors was corroded. so the computer itself was protected from the  battery. Plugged in and it fired right up. I noticed the screen has some wavy lines...
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    performa 550

    Picked up the performa 550  EvilCapitalist linked to in the ebay thread. I live near by so i was able to pick it up without having it shipped. Works great and not too dirty. Still had HDD with games like spectre and a non-working mario teaches typing. weird ram at 5MB. 4 on board, 1 in slot...
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    2 Macintosh XL's (or are they Lisa's?)

    Got two of these recently through craigslist. Haven't had time to look over them yet. both have pretty dim screens. But do power and beep. Have the keyboards that go with them. But couldn't find the mice for them. No software or anything. I'm pretty excited. I have been looking for 1 ...
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    INTRO POST: a quick summary of conquests so far

    I've been meaning to post for awhile. I recently got the itch for retro computers. I started with 2 computers..and now i have a number that my wife is convinced I'm having  a mid life crises. back in the mid 90's i got a Quadra 700 I got from newspaper ad. I traded a messagepad for it. (i...