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    Modern G4 Cube PSU replacement?

    Nice! If only we could find one closer to the stock PSU it'd be perfect. Would be nice to be able to power ADC displays also. I think I'd probably be most comfortable running it on the 110 just for some headroom.
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    System 7 Questions

    I think the update was 3 or 4 floppy images. Should be on the garden. From Wikipedia:
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    IIsi RAM Upgrade

    They should be fine as long as they're 100ns or faster and they need to be installed in a matched bank (four identical simms), though I've not seen anything about parity compatibility so unsure if that would be the issue. This page suggests that it shouldn't be...
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    SE brightness instability

    Sadly I've done both on the CC which is why I'm hoping this thread goes somewhere to maybe give me a hint.
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    Color Classic Mystic Software mod?

    Oh... hmm I could have sworn it was just an enabler for 7.1 but looks like you're right.
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    Color Classic Mystic Software mod?

    7.1 should be a little simpler in that it only requires an enabler at least.
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    Color Classic Mystic Software mod?

    The software mod seems correct (I've got a CC running 7.5 this way.) Unsure why you might not be getting video otherwise. Personally I'd try to test the 575 board in other hardware if possible (may not be since it sounds like you just got the board). You could try re-seating it and cleaning the...
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    SE brightness instability

    I'm having a similar issue on a Color Classic (with the addition of a little distortion when it brightens), be curious to know if it's a similar cause. I didn't hit all the smaller caps on my AB or the big filter cap, but did most of the others.
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    G4 cube slot loader fix

    Hmmm I'll have to look at this on mine. I've taken apart, shrunk the belt, cleaned the rollers the belt was on, cleaned the disk rollers thoroughly and even attempted to glue them to the bar they rotate on to make sure they weren't slipping, and mine still struggles to eject... would be really...
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    System 7.1 questions

    Also make sure an alias to the network share isn't in startup items or something easy like that as well.
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    G4 Cube, power button led weirdness

    Hmm possible the plug was loose for it from the last time someone had it apart. Not tons of slack on that little cable. Glad it's working now.
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    Drivers for Adaptec AUA-3020 Firewire/USB PCI card

    I can't seem to locate any Mac software for this card anywhere despite the manual mentioning at the very least an extension for preventing deep sleep. Any chance someone has the original CDRom for one of these laying around. I've got it in my Beige G3 tower and it seems to be working for USB but...
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    Re-capping IIsi problems....

    Well... some good news and some bad news... I made a poor decision and learned a lesson about trying to re-flow very small pins gently with a soldering iron. I will not be fixing that IIsi any time soon, unfortunately. On the other hand, I re-capped the other IIsi, which was the one in worse...
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    Re-capping IIsi problems....

    Attaching a photo of the board currently if that helps. There are two pads that lifted or partially lifted, so I've scraped a bit off the connected traces and soldered them to the traces (hence why they're crooked). They're at C5 and C31. I also noticed a couple of stray black bristles from the...
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    Re-capping IIsi problems....

    I gave in to the inevitable, ordered a bunch of caps and have started learning to re-cap these old boards and clean them up. Unfortunately this board has not been a success. It was... mostly working... before re-capping, I've re-capped the board using the recap-a-mac references, have...