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    Beta's New Unit (7100/80 AV)

    Speaking of active vs passive cooling on these 601s, I vividly remember burning myself on a 6100's CPU heatsink. Not just "ow that's hot!" but enough of a burn on the side of my hand that that it left a mark.
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    Levco MonsterMac 2MB Teardown & Repair

    As for the type of ROM ICs used here, they're almost certainly 27 series EPROMs. I think they would be very unlikely to be mask ROMs given limited production numbers, plus the fact the sticker says "PROM" on it. They're also very unlikely to be EEPROMs as those were fairly exotic at the time...
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    Zip drive for Powerbook

    Caveat: this was two years ago, but I found two or three of these mixed in with hundreds of assorted laptop optical drives at the Seattle REPC location. I was hoping for the G3 version to fit my Wallstreet at the time, so I passed them up. They don't have online inventory, so this (potentially...
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    Wifi Extension Development Thread

    My early 2021 posts in this thread and others on the topic have been lost, so I'm doing a little mental reconstruction here. I'm using the extension on my PowerBook 1400 in Mac OS 7.6.1 and 8.6 with great success along with a WiFi module from 8devices called the Centipede. It's based around a...
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    Driver needed for Panasonic KXL-810AN

    Panasonic didn't have a Mac driver for these things as far as I know.  I played around with a similar model and found that the PC Card SCSI adapter wasn't particularly Mac friendly, so connecting directly to the Mac's SCSI was a must.  I'd try FWB CD-ROM toolkit 3.x or 4.x and see if that does...
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    Quicksilver shuts itself off only under OSX

    Have you got system back up and running as it was before you pulled the CPU?  If you can boot in OS 9, you could try running something CPU intensive to see if the problem is overheating.  I'd do that before going down the path of removing the heatsink and repasting it.  It's not a bad idea to...
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    Trying to do 8.5 clean install in 1400cs

    That isn't what I meant, but is also a very worthwhile accessory for your 1400.  I use one to move data back and forth from my modern Macs quickly and easily.  I just format a CF card as HFS+ and I can pop it into a USB CF card reader on something else. Here's what I use in place of the hard...
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    Radius SE Accelerator 16 ROM dumps

    This post probably could have gone into Compact Macs or Peripherals, but programming EPROMs seems more hacky.  I have a lovely Radius SE Accelerator (16MHz 68020 and 68881) in my SE FDHD and it's got ROM v 1.8 with a date of 1987.  It works mostly okay, but I suspect the Radius ROM isn't totally...
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    Panasonic KXL-D745 CD-ROM Drive

    You'll need a DB-25M to HDI-50M (M=male) SCSI cable to connect it to your SE.  Here's an example I found on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/SCSI-Cable-HPDB50-to-DB25-6-ft-HD-50-to-DB-25-SCSI-2-to-SCSI-1-NEW/112543707132  I read the owner's manual for the drive and it can be used with SCSI...
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    Quadra 605 cache module in the wild?

    I'm curious if anyone has or has seen a Quadra 605 PDS L2 cache module in real life.  I'm not sure how common these things are.  If anyone has one or has photos of one, I'm very interested in looking at the cache chips on the module to see what speed they are to determine if the module would...
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    Brand new PowerBook 1400 CD-ROM

    I've had saved searches on eBay for "PowerBook 1400 CD-ROM" along with all of the relevant Apple part numbers for a few months and it finally paid off.  I managed to score a brand new in box 8x unit and it works great.  When I opened the box, it clearly was brand new.  The drive was still sealed...
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    jt's Random Questions Thread

    Trash, I opened up my G3 desktop to snap a few pictures of the Whisper card and found this horror: (It was promptly removed) Here's the Whisper personality card: This board doesn't seem to have any provision for a phone jack connector adjacent to the knockout. It doesn't appear...
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    Apple 20SC external hard drive

    If it doesn't have a terminator with it, you'll want one in order to test or use it. Here's an example:
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    Performa 6360 dual PCI slot mod

    Has anyone modified a 6360 to accept two PCI cards instead of one? Trash80toHP_Mini, I thought of you right away. I've had this machine for about twelve years. Not long after I got it, I hunted down a Comm Slot II Ethernet card for it and plunked in a PCI graphics card. I maxxed out the RAM...