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2x Plus, 2x SE, 6x SE/30, Luggable Mac, Classic, Classic II, 2x Color Classic, 2x  II, IIx, 2x IIcx, 3x IIci, 3x IIsi, 2x IIfx, 4x LC, 2x LC II, LCIII, LC475, 2x Quadra 700, Quadra 900, Quadra 950, 2x Quadra 800, AWS80, 2x Quadra 840av, Quadra 660av, 2x PM 6100, PM 7100, PM8100, PM 9500, PM 7500, P4400, P5400, P6400, PM G3 DT, PM G3 MT, 2x PM B&W G3, PM G4 AGP, PM G4  DA, PM G4 QS, PM G4 MDD, 2x PM G5 + A load of CRT iMacs, a few PowerBooks and a pile of peripherals.