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    Powerbook 270c recap just in time

    Picked up a very nice Powerbook 270c on eBay. Gorgeous bright screen. Original scsi drive still spinning away. Appears to have been a relatively low hours unit. Everything worked perfectly. After seeing leaking caps in a number of other 68k ‘books of this era I decided to pursue a recap just for...
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    Powerbook 180 No Boot

    I haven't seen or heard of an internal ethernet module yet, only a poopy old modem card. As for the hard drives, I have had good luck moving the arm back and forth a bit to free it from being glued to one of the old rubber bumpers. Longer term you'd cover the rubber bumper in tape. For all my...
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    Powerbook 180 No Boot

    Oh wow that looks great! What did you find out?
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    Powerbook 180 No Boot

    If it turns out to not be the display cable let me know. I have spares here I can send you.
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    What draws you to 68K Powerbooks?

    I like to take stuff that doesn't work and isn't being used and give it a new purpose in life. I recent bought several 68k powerbooks of various types off eBay to work on this winter. They are fun to restore. I used to focus on Quadra 700s, Mac clone desktops, old powermacs, etc. The separate...
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    PowerBook 170 - My 1st 68k Mac!

    Also I had no idea about that hard drive tape fix. It actually works! A pulled a dead Conner Powerbook 100 drive out and had it running in just a few minutes. Thanks for that!
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    PowerBook 170 - My 1st 68k Mac!

    Great find. I used to own a pair of 170’s many years ago. I have a 180 I bought here on this forum and love it. They are excellent laptops. I was surprised at how fast 7.1 fees too. Glad you avoided the tunnel vision problem.