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    Sonnet Crescendo Identity Request

    Thank you all! I gather it is a G3/L2 300...Will try to source a system to test.
  2. patatas

    Sonnet Crescendo Identity Request

    Anybody know what is this card? I believe it must be a Sonnet Crescendo L2 but cannot find any data based on the card ID I see. They do not match up with the Sonnet P/N list
  3. patatas

    iMac G4 - CDRom refuses to open

    I have been reading through threads but not managed to solve this "gremlin" I have opened the iMac G4 and the CDRom opens the caddy when you press the manual eject button. Thus mechanism works. Also drive spins up when you insert media. "eject cd" in Open Firmware does not work. Left mouse...
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    CS II Ethernet

    Is there any preference for which CS II Ethernet adapter I should opt to use for a g3 iMac? performace/compatibility etc
  5. patatas

    Versions of Daystar IIcx Adapters

    Dears I have take ownership of these two Daystar IIcx adapters which seem to be one from 1991 and one from 1993. Any ideas of differences ?
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    Interware Booster 040 ROM v1.1.2

    I have ROM v1.1.1 and have seen the v1.1.2 in the wild. Anyone know what it "fixes?" Anyone have a dump?
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    Mac High Sierra + APFS not writing to HFS

    Is there a way for someone with an APFS filesystem to write to HFS. I am trying to copy files to an external drive formatted for MacOS 7/8
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    New acquisitions..

    Uploaded image of board, before cleaning
  9. patatas

    New acquisitions..

    Just got hold of the following in full working order: IIfx with Radius Thunder IV GX 1600 IIsi  LC475 Laserwriter 320 HP Deskjet 550c with AppleTalk  Stylewriter Apple CD300 2 x Mac Video adapters 8/32 RevB 2 x Macintosh II adapters 2 Apple Color Monitors  1 Apple LC monitor working...
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    New acquisition - Radius Thunder IV GX 1600

    Picked this up...now to test it...
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    IIci in need of recapping. Offers? (Europe Preferably)

    I have no issues with sending board to Germany. Also I have an issue with my LCiii which was recapped but does not want to startup. Maybe you can spot something which needs recapping/repairing and we can fix both boards. Images attached. please quote (or PM me)
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    IIci in need of recapping. Offers? (Europe Preferably)

    Attached are pictures of my IIci that does not power on....Power supply is working. Needs recapping and possibly minor repair (no visible issues)
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    classic damage control!

    Glimpse of the board...seems someone has done some work on it....not sure if it qualifies... I am interested in sending it out to someone who can clean/repair it. Only if it ends up cheaper then sourcing a new board....  
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    classic damage control!

    Just received a classic but with severe battery damage on the case....looking for ideas how to clear or spare parts to retrofit
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    Classic boot problem

    I turned on my Mac classic which was working flawlessly and not I do not get a chime but I get a pointer in the top left corner..no visible issues on the board. Any ideas?