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    Modern OSX Floppy Drive Format

    Running Leopard in a VM and then assigning USB devices to that is how I get data on/off of a modern Mac.
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    PCI Nubus Secondwave Expansion Chassis

    Hah that's the Supermac card I was just asking about in this thread. I've no idea what it is.
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    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    I don't have it on hand and can't quantify, but I remember it runs warm to the touch without heatsink at 33mhz in my mystic. It was a pretty big difference from XCs I've felt.
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    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    Interesting, my 'L88M' with Motorola markings (date code 0430, acquired from UTsource in 2014) has the code S23159-001. It runs quite cool at 33mhz and I'm inclined to think it's genuine. Meanwhile The Freescale 68040LRC40As that @jessenator and I have are S23159-104, and it looks like...
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    Macintosh SE/30 logicboard recreation (thread revival)

    Congrats @Bolle this is a big achievement! Great for replacements and a solid foundation for next level SE/30 hacking.
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    QuickCam on SE/30 issues

    Just got a few QuickCams (2x B&W and 1x Color) and I'm having trouble getting anything of quality out of them. System SE/30 + Carrera040 + Micron Xceed running 7.5.5 with basic setup (fresh install, pretty bare minimum extensions). Running QuickCam 2.1.3 or QuickCam 2.0.2 software, set up to...
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    Macintosh Se/40 CRT pinout?

    Color tubes won't fit in the SE chassis without surgery. In that link the color tube sticks out a few inches beyond the back of the motherboard, and the creator cut a square out of the back of the SE rear piece presumably to support that additional depth. The final images only show the front of...
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    A 'once and for all' declaration regarding L88M mask MC68040 CPUs

    To add my experience, I've got 2 'L88M' chips: 1. Freescale LRC040A (acq 2021, mfg 0603, prob from same buyer as you @jessenator ) - runs hot bot not scalding without heatsink at 40mhz 2. Motorola RC040A (acq 2014, mfg 0430) - runs warm without heatsink at 33mhz I haven't compared temps side by...
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    Scored an SE/30 with a video card on buyee

    Nice congrats! Is it a Grand Vimage 24-16s? Didn't realize they could go to 2k res - I don't have a monitor to test at the moment.
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    Scored an SE/30 with a video card on buyee

    Likely an Interware video card, its a popular accelerator/video card brand in Japan. The silver back w slight bronze DB15 looks like my GrandVimage and other Vimage cards I've seen.
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    Anyone have an ADB graphics tablet or joystick?

    Not sure, perhaps the UnMouse is using the absolute positioning stuff documented in that appnote? I don’t have an UnMouse and still have yet to set up my microtouch touchscreen so I can’t test. Their driver seems to be mature and well thought out so worst case using that might not be so bad.
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    Anyone have an ADB graphics tablet or joystick?

    @tashtari Take a look at the MicroTouch UnMouse. Microtouch made both the UnMouse trackpad and the Mac-n-Touch touchscreen. The latter is impossible to find but the UnMouse is often on ebay. I put all the resources related to it on my github including software, pics, user manual I scanned, etc...
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    IIsi PDS NuBus Adapter Question

    Nope doesn't work
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    Color Macintosh Plus

    Great project!! Very elegantly done. One thing I've been hoping for is the price of OLED screens to go down, so that we could potentially get a flexible OLED display and push it up against a curved CRT to replicate the slight curve of the screen. The non-emissive blacks would also be very CRT...
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    FPGA hardware supporting open source toolchains

    Thought this overview of open-toolchain FPGA hardware might be of interest to hardware hackers looking to build new projects with FPGAs:  https://www.ktemkin.com/exploring-open-fpga-hardware/