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    Wombat (650, 800) board overclocking limitations

    Weird, my networking still worked at 45mhz, though as I mentioned serial didn't. Definitely marginal at that speed though.
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    Wombat (650, 800) board overclocking limitations

    After more extensive testing at 45mhz today, I found that it is not quite stable. Most stuff works fine, but I did find after more extensive playing around with MIDI over serial, that OMS would report serial overruns on more complex files. Since I do use MIDI a lot on that machine, it's kind of...
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    Wombat (650, 800) board overclocking limitations

    Well guys, I have my results, and I'm going to confuse everyone possibly. My Quadra 800 has... the XC88916DW55. And yet, not only has it run happily at 44mhz... jessenator encouraged me to try some of the undocumented DIP switch settings on the MacClip and now the machine is running at 45mhz...
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    Wombat (650, 800) board overclocking limitations

    I have wondered where these "limits" came from as well, because my Quadra 800 has been running happily at 44mhz for 7 years now. This is being done with a MacClip Jr variable speed oscillator. I am using the 33mhz 68040 that was in the system when I got it (assuming it's the one from the...
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    Crescendo G3 Nubus - VRM blocks PDS cards?

    A while back I salvaged a Crescendo G3 Nubus 215-225/512k from a dead, rusted out Power Mac 8100.  This one of the earlier versions of the card so it is laid out a bit different than the later purple heatsink versions at higher speeds.  I was going to add it to my 6100/60av but it seems that the...
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    StarMax 4000 only boots via CUDA reset button?

    I recently picked up a Motorola StarMax 4000/160 DT.  Seems to be in decent cosmetic shape, no obvious damage on the board, but it doesn't power up via the power button or the keyboard soft power.  Strangely it powers up immediately without pressing anything if plugged in after being unplugged...
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    Cannot change resolution on Radius PrecisionColor 8-24X

    The IIci I recently picked up has a Radius PrecisionColor 8-24X installed for a graphics card.  I am using a VGA adapter (Griffin MacPNP) as I no longer have any working Apple DB15 monitors.  With or without RadiusWare installed, I can only choose 1152x882, or 1056x807 (WTF?).  It believes I am...
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    Sad Powerbook 150.

    Alright... finally got an AC adapter.  Looks like this adventure isn't over yet, though-- yet more problems await. Firstly, I guess the screen got damaged in transit or something.  The top right corner of the screen has a rectangular spot that's totally blank.  I thought it might be loose or...
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    Sad Powerbook 150.

    So I grabbed a Powerbook 150, which I've been interested in due to it still being a very late BW/Trackball Powerbook with an IDE drive.  I knew going in it had hinge problems, so I thought since it was going to get tossed anyway, I might as well see if I could take drastic measures to fix it. ...
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    Error type 10 when accessing hard drive with disk utilities

    I just got a Quadra 650 board in, which is currently fitted with a 68LC040, and I've got it up and running. I'm trying to install Mac OS on the original drive, a 160MB IBM drive. Unfortunately, every time I run a program that accesses the disk outside of the file system, like Disk Setup, Apple...
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    6100 doesn't see drive on SCA->50pin adapter

    I've been having bits and pieces shipped in this week and I'm testing them on my 6100. Since the hard drive is ridiculously limited, I bought an SCA drive and an adapter since I had read that this works. Image of drive Image of adapter (50pin side) Image of adapter (SCA side) So I plugged...
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    Wanting to massively upgrade Performa 600

    My first computer, a Performa 600, has been dead for about a year with a bad power supply. Looking at it recently and getting a wave of nostalgia, I decided that once I get a replacement one, I want to upgrade the crap out of it, so that it can be a really nice 68k machine to do general...
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    Pismo OS9/Tiger dual-boot problem

    I'm trying to get a dual-boot going between OS 9.2.2 and Tiger on my Pismo. I have a 30GB hard drive in it, which is partitioned with 18GB for OS9 and 12GB for Tiger. OS 9 is installed fine. I put in the Tiger disc and installed it to the second partition, but when I reboot into it, I get the...
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    Getting a better experience out of a 6100/60av

    So, my only functional Mac right now is a 6100/60av. Mostly, I just use it to write stuff and play old (almost exclusively 68k) games. But it always seems a bit pokey. I know the 6100 isn't that great anyway, but since it may be a while until I can get anything better-suited I am trying to...
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    Performa 600 on the way out?

    Hi, first post here. Nice to see a community for the ol' 68k Macs. I have this Performa 600, stock except that it has been upgraded to 20MB of memory. It was my first computer, so I've kept it around for nostalgic purposes even though it is such a terrible performer in the Mac world. I...