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    A 32-bit PowerPC compute module in 2023?

    The specs are not very clear how much of the MMU each core actually implements…
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    A 32-bit PowerPC compute module in 2023?

    Interesting, but if you expect to run OSes on this unmodified, it won't work: Embedded PPC chips only support compatibility with the userland programming model, not the supervisor one, specifically regarding things like the MMU. So you'll need some things to emulate it.
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    PB100-170 memory compatibility

    The other way I'd say yes, this way I'm not sure, you'd have to check the developer notes for both models, I recall they changed a pin function somewhere in the line because the ROM wasn't on the board anymore.
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    LCIII, 475, Color Classic, Sound Chip1

    Maybe you can find a hackerspace or a fablab near you that have the required tools?
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    Killed an MDD logic board

    I suppose nobody has schematics for those… I also have an MDD which doesn't start and was given to me in this state…
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    Btw, having seen this thread about C22, I just confirmed mine has the + pin of C22 at -5V, which is not really a good idea. It still works but it will probably shorten its lifespan. Not sure what it would do to tantalums either…
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    Beige filament for 3D printing?

    I have this one bookmarked from some mac youtuber: https://colorfabb.com/silk-grey-ral-7044
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC III Logicboard

    The PDS slot pinout is in the LC-III Developer Note btw, page 30 (well, 40 in the PDF).
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    New Remote Desktop Server for Vintage Macs

    You made it to Hackaday :cool:
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    Solutions for HDI45 to VGA or DB15?

    Yeah no, my Performa 5400 doesn't have one.
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    Solutions for HDI45 to VGA or DB15?

    I have similar plans but for ADC first… Not even sure I have a machine with this connector anyway. As for pins, it's possible to find bare pins by 100 instead of rows which won't have the pitch required. Worst case you'd use two layers of PCB to keep them aligned and straight.
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    Reverse engineering the LC II Logicboard

    Look ma, no bodge! Kudos!
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    TelePort ADB Modem Protocol?

    200 bytes/s = 200*8 bits/s = 1600 bauds (well, bits/s don't always equals bauds, but in most cases that's it), so not that far.