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    Macintosh Portable seems to be fully working, what shall I do to prevent some failures?

    Ah now I see it on your profile. PM on its way.
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    wow. Can't wait.

    wow. Can't wait.
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    Recreateing the Apple TechStep

    Hi, I spotted this on Mercari (not mine, I live overseas... :D ) and even if it's a lot of money, maybe the seller could be contacted or convinced to put a more reasonable price : https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m55240352889/ At the contrary of what @jwg1962 wrote, I am not any kind of...
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    Video out SE/30 to VGA or HDMI

    Sorry to hear... but anyway I went back to the main branch, I will give it a shot in a few months
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    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Thanks! I knew about the web-ui, I just wanted to remind that there is that side-effect that in my opinion is affecting the choice. No clue instead for the GitHub command, thanks for the link @tecneeq
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    Video out SE/30 to VGA or HDMI

    Sorry I forgot! When you open the PowerView install, it will not recognize the card but if you go to Customize Install, you can handpick Powerview software and install it anyway - then it will work :)
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    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Same here. I have tested the powerview feature on my SE/30 and it seems working, even if with some issue, but this came at cost of loosing the web-ui... and (noob question...) how am I supposed ti switch back to the main branch now? I dont see any clue in the GitHub page...
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    Video out SE/30 to VGA or HDMI

    Yes, SE/30 with Bolle accelerator 😎. I tested it on a System 7.5.5 installation, using Powerview driver recommended on the GitHub page (It says control panel v. 1.01). Now I am planning to test it on 7.5.3 and maybe other flavors of System 7.x too.
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    Video out SE/30 to VGA or HDMI

    Is the Raspberry connected to an external screen when you start the powerview service there? I guess It should be... I made it to have it working yesterday - now I have a second screen in a corner / portion of an old HP 1600x1200 LCD. It doesnt seem to change size tough, even if I select...
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    A lot of nice new cards popped up lately for the IIGS : ethernet, accelerator + RAM, SCSI replicas, USB connection for HD file emulation, etc etc - if you want to spend a few bucks, just look around and you will find a lot of nice surprises!
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    Super interested! Count me in!

    Super interested! Count me in!
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    This would be great! Here's their GitHub @Corgi @tashtari : https://github.com/OneGeekArmy/Disk-Jockey-Community/ I would love to see this Mac tool become even more complete!
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    This sounds great, really looking forward to kmowing how to get a Mega and all the rest 😎
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    TashTwenty: Single-Chip DCD (Hard Disk 20) Interface

    So here's the noob asking (probably) dumb questions: to restore my hd20 do I need either a tash20 and this tash20 mega card?