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    Powerbook 145B on order!

    If you're in the UK (?) I have loads of ADB mice... just shoot me a PM and we can work something out.
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    Who can flash my ROMs?

    Hi, saw your other thread but have been pretty maxxed out with work since the start of the year. I'm in the UK (nr. Oxford) and will be happy to help. The first step may be to just try your ROMs in my Plus / 512k. Drop me a PM and we'll see if we can work something out.
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    Restoring a Quadra 700 (warning: photo heavy)

    Found these... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292123966688 Anyone else in the UK want to go in? I'd only need a couple.
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh Plus PCB

    Ooo... I'll get in line. Do you need any donors? :cool:
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh LC Logicboard

    Hmm... spotted this in another thread... Post in thread 'Mac LC prototype ROM' https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/mac-lc-prototype-rom.39807/post-429841 Could there been some "interesting" code in those pre-production ROMs?... 🤔
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    Modern OSX Floppy Drive Format

    Hmm... a bit tangential... but might this work to get a USB Zip drive working on a more modern mac OS?
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    Probably. I have a boxed Cubase that runs on System 7, but it's version 3.5, so probably needs more RAM. I also have Cubase VST 2.0 and Timebandit... but very much doubt a SE could cope with either... 🤔
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    Hmm... how 'early'?
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    More than likely. I think you should be able to format them as HFS - depending on the System version you plan for your SE - probably 7.0x or 7.1x, given you only have 4Mb RAM - you'll want Standard not Enhanced. Might be best to format on the SE / SCSI Zip and see if you can mount / write on...
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    The M1 is probably out - too new - but it could be possible to use the USB Zip with the latter two. The trouble is, you'd probably have to run a pretty old version of OS X to be able to write to the USB Zip - not sure when support was dropped? Older OS X may also mean less secure browser, etc...
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    Oh well... too late to edit. I meant to say "it's [G5] a bad choice"... 🙄 The sooner you get those LT / WiFi dongle thingies productionised the better!! 😁
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    Indeed... but the OP has a SCSI Zip drive now, so I presume the medium of transfer will be that. Upon which you can put 800k 'dsk' images and mount them on the SE and / or use the SE to create physical media if so desired. There are plenty of challenges getting from 'new' world to 'old'...
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    Well... you can attach USB floppy and / or Zip... plus run a somewhat current OS X with somewhat current browser... But you're right, if you want your 'more modern' experience to be OS 9.x... it's not a bad choice. I was merely pointing out the conversation over there... :rolleyes:
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    Best way to transfer data to Mac SE

    You might want to check this thread out over at the other place... - Thread 'PowerMac G5 - the ultimate 68k Bridge Machine' https://tinkerdifferent.com/threads/powermac-g5-the-ultimate-68k-bridge-machine.357/ If you decide to go the G5 route... I can help - I have a few that could use a new...
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    Scored a beat up Quadra 950

    - turn on 32bit addressing... :ROFLMAO: Well done! ...nice when a plan comes good!! BTW, on the advice from @LaPorta, I picked up a 5L of that Evaporust stuff... not given it a spin yet, but can decant a bit and bring the next time we meet to swap bits... :-)