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    CF Card in a Blue G3

    I used one of those janky ebay CF>IDE adapters in my B&W, with a bit of finagling. It wouldn't work set to master or slave, but CS worked. It's on the primary IDE by itself and a DVDRW is on the secondary IDE by itself. DVDRW is set to CS as well. I was able to install Jaguar & Tiger from CD no...
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    What shall I do with a Quadra 700 case?

    put an RC2014 in it :) https://rc2014.co.uk/
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    PEx + Sun Netra t 1125 = Sun Macintosh 1125/4U

    I'm always interested in your projects so I'm definitely following to see where this takes you!
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    What can cause an external superdrive to fail?

    hmm, I put my superdrive into an 800k housing too, and you know what? the SE it came from won't boot with it connected externally. I doubt it but maybe the cable in the housing is wired differently than the internal connector? Strange coincidence.
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    Mini Quadra & AppleColo(u)r Display

    I added 2 additional models to the quadra files based on a twitter comment, I present the iici version along with it's button insert! Uses the same lid and fan holder as the q700 model. https://www.dropbox.com/s/tgif4inyhqzsggj/MicroQuadra700.zip?dl=0
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    Mini Quadra & AppleColo(u)r Display

    That looks amazing! Well done!
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    Internal floppy drive on iMac G3 - Firmware downgrade

    Just thought about this thread watching the latest Computer Clan video - and it looks like the prototype G3 imac doesn't have the unpopulated floppy pins, but does have and ADB connector on board Thought it was funny that they added the floppy port on a later revision if it indeed was not there. :)
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    Macintosh SE Squirrel Cage Fan to 60mm Boxer Fan Upgrades

    What size fan is this for? 80mm? I might give it a shot. My SE has a 80mm fan and part of a PC PSU shell for a mounting bracket. Kind of shotty looking on the inside. I also (regretably) removed the shroud from the back case
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    Macintosh SE Squirrel Cage Fan to 60mm Boxer Fan Upgrades

    You might need to put the STL in a zip file, but you should be able to upload it here:
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh Plus PCB

    Doesn't seem like there is much room for additions on the board layout, but I'd imagine baking in a modified mac plus> PS/2 keyboard adapter (http://www.synack.net/~bbraun/mackbd/index.html thanks to @bbraun) would be a welcome addition!
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh Classic PCB for 1:1 reproduction

    This is like deciding to stop working on cars because you lost the maintenance receipts... Can't say I understand but do whatever you feel is best man.
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    SE or SE/30 replacement PSU / no analog board

    re-subscribing, very much looking forward to this project!