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    Some more modern Macs

    Recent acquisitions include: - G4 iMac (700MHz, 15") - my second one - couldn't resist! - G5 PowerMac (2003 Dual 1.8GHz) - my first PowerMac G5 - I already have a G5 iMac and Xserve in the collection - Cube (450MHz) - purchased mainly for the motherboard as my other Cube has the Firewire...
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    SE/30 and PowerMac 7600

    Just picked up an SE/30, a PowerMac 7600 and a 15" Apple Multiscan from one of my old University lecturers. All are boxed with most of the original cables, packaging, installation media and documentation. They are not "new in box", their previous owner had just decided to keep all of the...
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    PowerBook Duo 270C

    Just acquired this from eBay - the screen is awesome. Awesome little Mac. Now to see if I can find some more RAM in my stash (currently has 12MB) and load up Mac OS 7.6. I'm thinking of firing up Bolo.... :)
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    eMate x2

    My eMates arrived yesterday (same eBay auction that everyone else in Australia used I think). I got numbers 20 and 26 so I guess there must have been an entire classroom's worth of these in the mid 90s. Both came in original boxes with manuals, CD and power adapter. Both units have loose...
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    Performa 5400 Directors Edition

    Picked this up from eBay (AU) for $11 pickup. The Directors Edition is the black one. Came with AV card and TV card. Seems to work OK although a fresh OS install won't hurt it. Came with the obligatory 2 ZIP drives and a whole bunch of software...
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    PowerMacs and 68k PowerBooks

    Picked up a stash of Mac gear yesterday, here is a rundown: - PowerMac 8600, looks complete, "purple" G3 233MHz upgrade as well as the original CPU card, unsure of RAM/HDD etc; - Power Computing (clone), unsure of model, G3 400MHz upgrade as well as the original CPU card, unsure of RAM/HDD...
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    PowerMac 7600/120 plus monitor

    Picked up from eBay locally for the princely sum of 99c. The monitor is an AppleVision 1710. I will check the specs out tonight but the 7600 looks pretty stock.
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    Upgraded Newton 2000 with extras

    Just purchased (off a MacTalk member in Perth) an Apple Newton 2000 MessagePad (upgraded to 2100 specifications). Included in the bundle were all cables and adapters (including the AA battery tray and a functional rechargeable pack), manuals, original disks, a Silver Orinoco wireless card, a...
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    Old Sun/Digital Gear

    I know it's not Apple but, I picked a fair bit of old Sun/Digital gear up from eBay (for $40 Australian): - AXIL 320 (Sun SS20 clone) with separate removable and fixed storage (and it's on wheels!); - DecStation 5000/125 (looks complete); - DecStation 5000/200 (may be missing stuff); -...
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    Apple Microphones

    Going through the collection last night and discovered I have 7 Apple microphones (including two that are new in box). It seems there are three different types - does anyone know how many types Apple made? I am planning to photograph them tonight.
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    PowerMac 9500/132

    Picked up a PowerMac 9500/132 for free in the Quokka (local free for sale paper). Power supply was dead but the machine was loaded! Had more than 300MB of RAM (3 x 64MB chips plus many others), a fairly new 18GB IBM SCSI hard drive (50 pin), a Sony CD-RW drive, two Mac compatible PCI graphics...
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    Newton 2100 on the web

    I finally got my Newton 2100 on the web (using a 3Com 3C589D Ethernet card). I have installed Courier and it works well - what browsers do other people use and/or recommend? Cheers [:)] ]'>
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    Newton eMate 300

    After a few attempts I have managed to pick up an eMate of eBay. It comes complete with power supply, teachers guide and graphing calculator handbook (the photo also shows a stylus which is handy). I have always wanted to get one of these and this one should arrive before I get home from site...
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    USB Serial Adapters

    Hi All, In my ongoing mission to get my Newton 2100 talking to my PowerBook G4 (running 10.4 no Classic), I purchased a second-hand Belkin USB Serial Adapter (F5U114-MAC). It is the one with two DIN-8 ports. Now it appears Belkin have 8.6 and 9.x drivers, does anyone know if they have OS X...
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    G3 upgrade card

    G'day, Hope this is the right section to post this.... I have just bought a PowerForce (PowerLogix) G3 350/175/512K "SPARTAN" upgrade card and was wondering if there is any performance difference between running it in a 7500 or a 7600? Also, what settings would people recommend? Looking at...