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    Apple I For Sale on eBay

    Did anybody else here notice that the keyboard is plugged in backwards in the photos. Pin 1 is on the lower right. If this was powered up this way there could have been some fireworks.
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    Apple Lisa 2 value

    If you want a Lisa, then it is a mistake not to try make a deal if you have this opportunity. My opinion is they are still very under-priced, and not going to get cheaper again - ever. Here is why: 1. Using serial number tracking it's been recently discovered that the number of Lisa's made was...
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    does anyone make a atx to MDD converter

    Be aware that no passive ATX to MDD converter will support the 25V needed for the ADC port ( if you are using a ADC display ).
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    I wanted to say thanks to all who contributed on this project. I have one of bdurbrow's pi hats and the whole setup is working perfectly! It is just amazing that tashtari was able to get the pic to bitbang the SDLC protocol. My dream is that someday this can be interfaced with netatalk...
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    Fixed capacity SCSI flash drives/DOMs?

    OK, I stand corrected. The $25 price is for a kit and not "pre-made" as I had stated. With the current global supply chain / chip shortage issues the prices of all this stuff will continue to rise even from the "non-greedy" sellers.
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    Fixed capacity SCSI flash drives/DOMs?

    AFAIK, a SCSI DOM does not exist. ATA DOM's are only cheap because hundreds of thousands of them were made. Have a look into the BlueSCSI project: https://scsi.blue/ You can buy these pre-made for $25 plus the price of a SD card.
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    Trick for making 1.44mb floppies work as 800k floppies - not working anymore

    Technically, DS and HD disks have different magnetic properties and while this normally worked for me also, there is no guarantee this will always work. Also, you don't need to tape the hole to use the 1.44 disk as a 800K in the SE ( unless it's the FDHD model ), as a normal SE with DS drives...
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    Experimental VNC (Remote Desktop) Server for the Classic Macintosh

    Hello Marcio! Yes, that is working much better now! Thanks for the update. Rick
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    Experimental VNC (Remote Desktop) Server for the Classic Macintosh

    I don't understand why some folks are suprised that this works at LocalTalk speeds. Back in the day, using programs like Timbuktu or PC anywhere is was common to do remote control over phone lines using modems an that worked just fine.
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    Experimental VNC (Remote Desktop) Server for the Classic Macintosh

    Yes, it works on the portable now, and on the Lisa too. Great Job! Both running over LocalTalk. marciot please PM me if you want to try connecting to my Lisa yourself.
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    Experimental VNC (Remote Desktop) Server for the Classic Macintosh

    Nice Job! I wish this supported other resolutions on 68000 black & white systems. I tried running on my Lisa ( 720 x 364 display ), got no errors, but on the client side the display was garbled. My Lisa's are either ( 720 x 364) or ( 608 x 432 screen mod rom ), and yes they are running...
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    Questions about 128k packing and bundles.

    In 1984 my Macintosh 128K came with a tutorial cassette tape in the box with the manuals: Macintosh MacWrite MacPaint Cassette Tour 942-0417A
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    MacIPRpi on a raspberry pi 1?

    Have not tried it, but I think this will work just fine on the original Raspberry Pi. I do use the OrangePi version regularly and it's plenty fast enough.
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    What's inside a Cayman Gatorbox CS?

    I checked my Gatorboxes and I have no new corrosion. I also found the photos of the original issue I had. While I had thought this was due to something being spilled on the board, now I wonder if this something that leaked out of the oscillator package. The PCB itself is conformally coated.
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    What's inside a Cayman Gatorbox CS?

    Tonight I will check my 2nd CS unit and see if it has any corrosion in that area and report back. I also have a GatorStar GXR it runs faster and uses a different oscillator, I will try to check that also.