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    Keyboard test software for OXS10.4 or earlier?

    You are looking for System 7-OS 9 Key Caps in the Apple Menu, or in OS X go to the System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard, and select the option "Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar." This will make a new menu item, which when clicked has an option "Show Keyboard Viewer." Same...
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    Who has a iMac G3 with either a Sonnet Harmoni processor upgrade and or a item that uses the Mezzanine slot?

    I have my Rev. A iMac that still has it's Griffin iPort installed.
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    Flyback opinions wanted

    Is that how they do it at the factory? Again, I am amazed at how you know all of this...
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    StuffIt 5.5 doesn't always extract .sit files fully

    re: what Cory said: The images I sent to vTools were all in "System-context" formats, as I would call them, meaning that stuff that would be used on System 6 and up through 9 is either in Stuffit 1.5.1 format (for compatibility up and down), or Disk Copy 4.2 format. This way, if you have later...
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    StuffIt 5.5 doesn't always extract .sit files fully

    I’ll admit, I’ve never seen or dealt with CPTs. What program makes them?
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    OK to put an SE/30 power supply PCB in ultrasonic cleaner?

    How about all the heat sinks, thermal grease, and rubber between them?
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    Need Disk Image/Documentation for ImageWriter II AppleTalk

    Wouldn’t that just be the best prank? Have someone try to diagnose a non-working AppleTalk network that you hooked the non-AppleTalk ImageWriter to!
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    Need Disk Image/Documentation for ImageWriter II AppleTalk

    Yes, that was what I read that the DIP switches had to be set to something different. That was why I was hoping to score some documentation, even electronically. Of course, expert help would be just as good.
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    Need Disk Image/Documentation for ImageWriter II AppleTalk

    Through the gracious beneficence of a forum member, I will soon be in possession of an ImageWriter II AappleTalk Card. What I need now is the installation disk images, and I was hoping for a PDF or other form of documentation to tell me how to set it up properly. Does anyone have either of these...
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    PB1400: Restored, worked perfect, now this...

    I found the issue: one of the tiny display wires was almost microscopically pierced by the screw that holds the front screen plastic bezel to the frame. If I hadn’t seen the screw piercing the friction tape, I wouldn’t even have known to look there. It was the pink wire, if anyone knows what...
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    Mac IIfx logic board with dead nubus slots

    Mine has some SM electrolytic.
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    Is it worth repairing a Mac's external hard drive?

    If it means enough to you, anything is worth fixing, in my opinion. The HD itself may be bad. One way to salvage the actual case is by putting a SCSI2SD inside instead of the HD.
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    PT Pro/SCSI2SD v6 Escapades - Part II

    Well perhaps it was because of a difference: There was no "bridge": my controller PCI card is just a straight ATA card, so it was CF - adapter-controller.
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    PT Pro/SCSI2SD v6 Escapades - Part II

    Thanks, hopefully this can be of some help to others in similar frustrating situations!
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    TashTalk: Single-Chip LocalTalk Interface

    That’s pretty cool: any chance this could be used to create some sort of straight-up server device, almost like a NAS that legacy AppleTalk computers could attach to? Kind of like A2SERVER, but a bit more transparent?