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    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    I had a similar experience initially pieced together some of the information from a couple of different spots, including the .ini file from the git site, some random web hda file creation/setup examples. Once I had all the information put together, it was very easy (nicer setup than scsi2sd, so...
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    Using Magneto Optical drives on vintage 68k Macs

    You're my hero. That is a fantastic accomplishment. Thanks for posting so many of the specifics, as well as the MO driver that you used.
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    Two bluescsi?

    I would leave termination turned on the external (db25 attached) one and try turning it off on the inside one. I don't think the assigned numeric value of the SCSI drive/file should matter, since it is not like its a physical location on a cable e.g terminating the last physical device in the...
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    Two bluescsi?

    Technically the answer should be yes, but resolution of any issues that you are seeing would largely depend on making sure that both are entirely recognized as separate. (not sure if you have multiple drives set up on each, what addresses, etc), but only one of each address can be out there on...
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    Difference Between "Macintosh II Video Card" and "High Resolution Display Video Card"

    Whenever I have one of these questions, I look up this page ... https://vintageapple.org/gamba2/vid-mon-matrix.html It has a pretty good list of cards/monitors/resolutions.
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    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    Thanks for posting this. Its good information and as another of the bleeding edge adopters, I'll likely run into this as well.
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    Macintosh 128K "Thin Mac"

    Nice they took out the battery, but too bad they didn't replace the door. It's a terrific find and is well worth the money you spent. Those original 400K drives are nice to have (and getting harder to find) and as has already been pointed out, getting all the peripherals is a great deal. Was...
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    Simple blank screen saver needed

    It looks like Pyro! may have a dimmer contained in it. Earlier versions are available and would be something to try.
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    Syquest Syjet Drives-Experiences?

    I don't have direct experience with the Syjet drive, but based on my experience with a Syquest EZ135 that I bought off of a fellow 68KMLA'er a few years back, Silverlining Lite or Pro should format them to a bootable drive.
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    Entry to Programming

    There is a development environment called FutureBASIC II (there is a good write-up on the Garden) that may work well for you. My memory of it is that it was very easy to develop in. I put together a couple of apps with it, back in the day (one was to help sort out Mac functions and procedures...
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    TrueType Fonts under System 7

    Did you drag it into the fonts folder or into the system folder? Dragging it into the system folder should allow it to be automatically put into the proper location (the fonts folder). I'm wondering if the ttf file has a certain resource normally associated with it that your file is lacking...
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    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    Very happy to hear that some advanced thinking went into the configurations, with thoughts toward extensibility beyond just the basic settings. It definitely broadens the appeal for me - that's why I have my first one on the way. :-)
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    Macintosh II Will Not Power On.

    Here is a link to an investigation of the II power circuit, I would get a cheap multimeter (borrow one?) and check the power supply/circuit, before I would throw in the towel and buy a new power supply or board. Although if someone here offers you a good deal on one, take it. If you could get...
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    Can The "Toby" Card Support 832 x 624?

    It does not appear to support the resolution that you are looking for (this is my source, I could be wrong - maybe a monitor adapter would drive it to a viewable resolution for you?)
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    Jumpstarting Mac II Causes Only Quick LED Flicker

    Oh, and you should try reseating all the RAM . I had a board that was unhappy and it booted after I removed all the RAM, cleaned the contacts and replugged it back in.