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    Brittle Internal Plastics: 7x00 vs G3 Desktop

    Yep, by then we will be better at 3d scanning/printing/manufacturing, so we should be able to recreate them. Of course they fooled me with that whole flying cars thing.. so maybe not. ...or... the armageddon in some form happens and then maybe we don't care so much that the only surviving Macs...
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    Brittle Internal Plastics: 7x00 vs G3 Desktop

    I have a G3 desktop that I got from another 68kmla'er nearby, and the thing is a tank, compared to the 7x00 plastics (inside and out). It did appear to be well taken care of by its former owner. I have a G3 Tower that is also a tank, but my 8600 basically broke apart everytime I looked at it...
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    2 iBook Clamshell logic boards that won't spin up hard drives. What gives?

    Apparently, the short answer is, you can't. For the original adapters, it seems that if they are working normally you will get the light show (the green light/orange light indicators) and if its not it stops. I have enough of these (parts iBooks) kicking around that I think I could rig up a...
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    AppleDesign powered speakers grille removal.

    When I've retrobrited cases, I only remove metal where its easily practical or I can re-attach it using the original method (I really am not a fan of even internal modifications and only recently did a IIvx -> Q650 upgrade and it took me years to work up to that). Sorry, long way around - I...
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    1/2 AA battery Replacement! MoewToast Rev. 2

    I've been meaning to buy some for a while and this whole discussion served as a reminder. Mine just arrived today - functional and artsy, you really can have it all!
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    Restoring a Macintosh II

    ...did you test them? I had pair in one of my II's, one was still holding a full charge and the the other was at half charge. You still can't use them, but it was cool that they had lasted that long. Use needle nose pliers or something similar to do this and practice on one of those PC boards...
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    Cutting the case of a Mac SE

    Just be careful. 1) There is no going back. 2) In my experience, there is not a lot of forgiveness in the appearance of a manufactured plastic vs. something modded. (one slip of the Dremel and its game over, your eye will always be drawn to that slip) 3) Here is a similar effort -...
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    Italian Linen Cover

    Actually, that is perfect! I showed my wife and and she thought it looked great!
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    SE/30 storage options

    I agree with tecneeq about the foam (even a year or two can be enough time for some foam to degrade and cause quite a mess) and if you do use some kind of cotton, make sure it is non-colored. I haven't made scientific study of this, but I have successfully stored and moved, multiple SE/30's a...
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    Schematic for the Powerbook (280c) Duo AC Adapter, model AA19200 M2693?

    If not a schematic, perhaps at least a caps list for this? I have one that works and one that doesn't. I have already separated the case, but I would like to order caps before taking it apart the rest of the way... I can make out some of the caps, but a few are pretty well hidden, until it is...
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    Macintosh And Late Lisa Pre Production Development Binder (Confidential Information!)

    You're right, that is terrific stuff! I'm going to enjoy reading this, so thanks for sharing!
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    Italian Linen Cover

    Oooh, they're custom fitted to the keyboard or any of the compact Macs. Those are marvelous!
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    Mac II upgrade possibilities

    My Dove Marathon upgraded Mac II came along with this upgrade as well: So, don't forget to pick up one of those :) They make popping out the batteries so much easier.
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    Mac II upgrade possibilities

    The ROMs/SWIM are listed on p.197 of Macintosh II Repair and Upgrade Secrets.
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    Are Apple II clones more sought-after than original units ?

    I'm curious if its the parts that are going for so much? I know that at one point I was checking out random mid-70's systems (before they skyrocketed!) for the chips/components, knowing that they could be used to restore/build other period projects, like an Apple 1.