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    Announcing ZuluSCSI - A file-based SCSI device emulator

    Wow, people in this thread are psychotic about SCSI2SD vs BlueSCSI. All I know is I support competition and innovation. I've heard BlueSCSI is cheaper and better than SCSI2SD. If the new product were an effort to stamp out BlueSCSI, I guess I wouldn't support it either.
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    Macintosh 128K "Thin Mac"

    I know they would, but the Alps switches those used are horrendous XD
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    Macintosh 128K "Thin Mac"

    I personally had never seen that "Macintosh 128k" label before in my life, so I think it's pretty cool! totally worth it.
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    Cleaning marks off of an eMac?

    Nice, thanks for the tip! I always recommend Spray Nine, it's a very strong detergent it seems, it's been able to vaporize almost anything but takes some pressure sometimes.
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    Got a Power Macintosh G3 Desktop, what is it???

    I recently got a PM G3 desktop and I was wondering about upgrades for it and also how to get an OS installed on it most effectively. It currently has a 1GB HDD, but it doesn't boot and according to everymac it isn't the original, so I'm wanting to replace it, but what is the best replacement for...
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    Finally found the NEC Mobile Gear II MC/R550

    Can't make this Macintosh related, but... I really wanted to show it off, I found an R550 on Yahoo Auctions Japan for 1300 yen. A while back, I had found a MC/R450, which is the same thing but with extra software installed, but someone had attacked it's motherboard with a screwdriver for some...
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    How do I set up networking in Mac OS 8.5?

    How do I set up networking in Mac OS 8.5? I have a rather complex set up, but it works with my Windows computer. I have a modem, connected via ethernet to a router, connected via wifi to an extender, which provides an ethernet port: The only tool I have that I know how to use to test the...
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    Macintosh Powerbook AC Adapter Capacitor List

    Here is a list of the capacitors used in the M5651 Powerbook AC Adapter. C108 - 400v, 27uf,     16mm,    28mm, 7.5mm C111 - 50v, 47uf,     6mm,    11mm, 4.5mm C151 - 35v, 33uf,     6.5mm,    7mm, 4.5mm C201 - 16v, 1200uf,    10mm,    30mm, 5mm C202 - 16v, 180uf,     6.5mm,    15mm, 4.5mm...
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    Compact Mac Repair Guide

    There are at least three different power supplies - by Astec, Apple, and Sony. I have the doc for the Sony CR-44:
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    Issues getting disk images to an Apple IIe [Error #8]

    I've had a horrible time trying to get disk images from the internet to my Apple IIe. What I do is download the .dsk, .po, or .do file, boot my IIgs into ADTPro from 5.25" FDD, transfer it via serial to the IIgs and have ADTPro write the image, and then attempt to run it. Some games will run on...
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    Macintosh SE/30 Sony PSU not working

    I replaced all the radial caps in my SE/30 PSU except the three largest, but it still doesn't work. I measured the voltages with my multimeter, with the negative probe on the black wires and the positive on the red/yellow/orange ones, and the voltages I got ranged from about a half volt to about...
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    Rusty Macintosh SE/30

    I got a new PSU switch in today (https://www.ebay.com/itm/323539000187), as the original was incredibly rusty inside - unfortunately the PSU is still dead, my multimeter reads between 0.7 and 2 volts, though that is without a load. It didn't power up the Mac anyway. But the switch works and is a...
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    Rusty Macintosh SE/30

    I got a large lot of Macs for $225, but I don't have time right now to post about the whole lot. But I got this SE/30 - it's really gross and rusty inside, and if I fix it, I'm going to post it here. It came with an odd hard drive sled, I don't know why. It's bright pink, and you screw the HDD...
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    Issue with Sirus IIGS RAM card

    So I really want to use this 8MB RAM card I have for my IIGS (ROM 3), but it's got weird issues I can't figure out. Talking to people on IRC it may be something on the board besides the SIMMs. I tested them individually on the board but got perplexing results, such as it reporting the wrong...
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    Best Hard Drive option for IIgs

    What do you guys think is the best or cheapest option for the IIgs? I accidentally gave away my hardcard and they seem hard to find a replacement for. I would prefer to pay around $80 but the CF card I see costs $115 - kinda worth it yes but is there anything cheaper?