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    External HD PSU

    I’m going to guess 5V, because there’s no regulator.. I love small cases like this, because you can put a SCSI2SD in there, and power it from the SCSI buss.... As a matter of fact, if ya decide you don’t want it, lemme know what you’d want for it.
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    500 Series 3D printing

    Fantastic. Where can I get one?
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    Is PhoneNet better straight, or crossover.

    I’ve heard both are ok, but wondering if anyone knows advantages of one over the other... While checking my bag of cables, I found both, and it made me wonder..
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    Is FW 400 faster than ATA 100, on mini G4?

    A couple years ago I put a mSATA SSD in my G4 mini, running 9.2.2 V8, and today I thought maybe I could speed it up by using the FireWire bus, rather than the internal ATA 100.. . I already have the mSATA to SATA adaptor, and would just need to get a SATA to FireWire case. Anybody have any...
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    Macintosh SE screen flickering/changing shape

    Sorry if I left you hanging..... J1 is the connector from the deflection coil on the CRT to the analog board.  There are 4 wires, I think I remember that they’ll be red, blue, green, yellow. I don’t remember the order.  Check the solder joints on the analog board at that connector, and check...
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    Classic II over and under volt. Help

    After a recap, I got the chime back, but still have screen issues.  Checked the electromotive force, and I’m reading 13.51 and 4.47... and drifting lower & higher Both are too far out of spec., and I’m asking for help on finding out where I should start with this one.  Edit When reading...
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    SE FDHD Restoration

    @BadGoldEagle  I thought the glass things were diodes, like this one https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/microsemi-corporation/1N4110-1/1N4110-1-ND/4898967 i also tried to figure out exactly what it is, model, rating, etc, but got no response. 
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    SOLVED!  $22.38 mSATA in G4 Mini

    I looked at my options, and bought a 128GB mSATA drive, and ATA adapter, for a combined total + shipping = $22.38, and replaced the 80GB spinning platters in an A1103 1.5Ghz, 1GB, and now 120GB storage. I split the drive into 2 partitions an put OS 9 and 10 on there. I think I’ll take OS 10...
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    PB SCSI Disk adapter w/ Switch

    Before I put it away, I thought I’d post a picture of my SCSI adapter with disk mode switch, for those that haven’t seen one.  Switch off, it allows for attaching a external disk. Switch on, it turn the PB into a SCSI disk, for backup / syncing with home / office computer.  The ones without a...
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    Powerbook 540c won't startup

      @Iesca  Here’s the pictures of my toasted PSU, and my slapdash connection of the old PowerBook cable to the new IBM PSU.  Essentially, Red and Orange to +16V,  and Blue, Black and Shield, to Ground. 
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    Se/30 have to bang the box to get a screen

    some of the joints I had on my 512kE These are VERY bad. Make sure to use a very hot solder iron, to get a good flow and don't dwell on the joint too long, or you'll lift the trace, and use some good flux
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    J1, it’s not the solder joints

    It’s on at least 12 hrs. everyday.  I assume it was micro arcing, which leads to carbon, which leads to more arcing, more carbon, more arcing....... It’s not dirt buildup, the interior is spotless.. As a matter of fact, it’s on now..
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    J1, it’s not the solder joints

    I re flowed the joints 3 years ago, and changed C1 to a 3.9uf 250v metalized polyester last year, and this year I get this...
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    PowerBook 520, lines on screen, pram batteries

    Does anyone know what causes this, and what will fix it? I pulled it out of storage and wired up a new PSU (IBM 16v 4.5A), and was disappointed to see these lines.  The top half was worse, but after squeezing the top edge, it became better than the bottom half.   Next, see if I can rebuild...
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    MacBottom breakthrough

    I opened the MFS in an emulator, and saw this. It's only 361k I wonder what "Electric Start" means.....