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    Oddware: 3D Pong for X11

    I've been playing with X11 on my Macs, here is some interesting software I found:  EDIT: Um I don't know how to change the size of the inbeded video :(. 
  2. jamie marchant

    'can't get address for /tmp/launch-Z7ZZeq/org.x'

    I tried to compile xstarroll(a simple X11 demo) and when i ran it it gave me this error: Has anyone seen anything like this before. This is Apple's official X11 for Mac OS X.5 Leopard PPC.
  3. jamie marchant

    Screenshots Mac OS X.2

    How do I take screenshots in Mac OS X.2
  4. jamie marchant

    Hibernate Mac OS 9?

    Hi  Is it possible to hibernate Mac OS 9?  -Jamie Marchant
  5. jamie marchant

    ATI Rage 128 PC Rom

    Hi  I upgraded from a ATI Rage 128 Mac to ATI Radon 7000 Mac and now want to use the Rage in an old PC(cause I here it's very compatible with older OSes), do you know where I can find the PC ROM for this and is it possible to flash it? -Jamie Marchant 
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    Extact assets from HyperStack stack

    Hi  Anyway to extract assets from a HyperStack stack? Be fun to try this on Myst -Jame Marchant
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    Macintosh Manger OS 9

    As an experiment, I tried installing the Macintosh Manager client on OS 9 but I can't remember the master password and don't know how to uninstall it(I can boot a live CD or OS X.2 to access the disk), I have deleted all the "Macintosh Manager" stuff I can find but it still runs. 
  8. jamie marchant

    Terminal Here Plugin

    Does anyone know where I can download this: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/9550/terminal-here-plugin? 
  9. jamie marchant

    buildmac by Dan Allen

    I came across some source code that said it could be built with "buildmac" by Dan Allen, have you every heard of this? 
  10. jamie marchant

    Better File Manager Mac OS X.2

    Does anyone know of a better File Manager for OS X.2? 
  11. jamie marchant

    Open Terminal Work

    Is they a way to add an "Open Terminal Here" button to the Finder in OS X.2?
  12. jamie marchant

    Easy to understand guide to openfirmware

    Has anyone written an easy to understand guide to OpenFirmware? 
  13. jamie marchant

    Plain Text Editor Mac OS X(PowerPC)

    What is a good plain text editor for OS X(PowerPC)?
  14. jamie marchant

    Old Mac OS X updates

    Hi   Where can I get old Mac OS X updates? -Jamie 
  15. jamie marchant

    Change default click button in X.2

    My mouse control pannel looks like this.