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    iMac G5

    G5 iMac has been rescued from being recycled.  turns on, gives me the gray apple screen but just a constant spinning gear.   sounds like corrupt data/failing drive? pulled the drive out and realized I don't have an SATA to USB adaptor any more (well just have one for 2.5" drives).   next trick...
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    non-apple conquest. Laserjet

    Have not found anyone to buy the old HP at work(last day at my current job today) so its going to come home with me,  kids print enough stuff to be worthwhile if just for the extra toner cartridge, one cartridge will last me years. The score is an HP Laserjet 8000DN B&W tabloid laser...
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    Lampshade iMac won't turn on.

    Machine has never had any problems, it was in daily use until a few weeks ago.  I installed fresh copy of 10.5 Thursday, did all updates,  used it on Friday all was fine.  Went to install iLife on it today (sunday) and nothing.  no life at all.  Any known issues with these you guys can think...
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    2x Wacom PL-300 LCD Tablets

    One VERY happy 7 year old right now.
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    2x Wacom PL-300 LCD Tablets

    It takes some time to get the mapping right with the shareware software, but it works! Testing it at work since it turns out I don't have a VGA cable like I thought, cable is a DVI and sneaky apple blocked off the VGA pins to prevent the use of a cheap DVI to VGA adaptor :p and Extra...
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    SE and SE/30 electrolytic caps list.

    I got a partial list of the caps on my analog board, just missing one axial that's upside down so I can't read it and I can only read the two big main ones in the power supply. Does anyone have a comprehensive list? Want to order them so I can start recapping since they're both date coded...
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    Not a mac... but will be?

    Ended up with a pair of Lenovo thinkcenter (M57p) towers that were being discarded from a local store of a national pizza chain... and it does smell like pizza when they've been on for a while. |) Also included two touchscreen monitors, that's kind of fun. Thus far I screwed up the BIOS...
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    Now I'm on the fence Plus vs SE/30

    now I might get it cheap... all set up, getting ready to play some spectre! Looks like the leaking caps have finally done it in. xx(
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    Now I'm on the fence Plus vs SE/30

    no I'm not going to have two... but I keep heming and hawing about snagging that SE/30 from my boss some how. (I used it today, made me think...) so I have a plus and finally have a good working keyboard. The plus is in VERY nice shape. clean case with only very light yellowing(100% even...
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    Presenting -- Classic Mac Networking Guide 3.0!

    Since I'm switching from physical macs to emulation for my classic mac fix. I've started to employ the same tricks I used to appletalk my PB180 to 10.5 server. and it works in sheep shaver! (running OS 7.6.1, because my OS 9 disk is 9.2.1 which is incompatible :( ) this weekend I'm going...
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    17" display

    SO I came across an ad for a Apple ADC flat screen. price was right so I inquired(figured it was either a Tube one or 15". reply I got was, it was last used on a G4 mini, don't know if it will work with anything newer. huh... so I bit. ended up being a 17" studio(LCD) with an ADC to...
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    pb 165

    do NOT use a 20v powersuppy with a PB165! you'll fry it! standard supply for the 165 is a 7.5v 3.0A center positive.
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    Pandora & Tiger

    That would be me. Only thing is I don't think you can get a copy from spotify anymore, if you already have it.... or find a way to get it... is the only way. But I can say it is still working. Also, running 10.5.8 I can still use pandora. just tested it on my son's computer(iBook G4)...
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    I can file share now!

    here's a shot while getting OS 7.6 downloaded off my file server via FTP Got it all configured and now I no longer have to use FTP, I can AFP to my 10.5 server WOO! 8-)
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    Got my video cable.

    :p looks decent on a 15" flatscreen(even though the picture is crap)