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    Picked up an Indigo iMac G3 from a sidewalk junk-pile!

    Sadly no! I have a healthy number of iMac G3's already, so now I'm torn between seeking out the matching Indigo keyboard and mouse, or just confirming what condition the machine is, cleaning it up, and then re-homing it. Decisions decisions... :) H.
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    Picked up an Indigo iMac G3 from a sidewalk junk-pile!

    Thanks! I feel extra lucky this time around, since I found this iMac on Sunday afternoon, and just a few hours later that evening we got a painfully-rare rainshower here. This little iMac (and the SCSI drive + CRT monitor I also grabbed) just missed getting a bath! H.
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    Picked up an Indigo iMac G3 from a sidewalk junk-pile!

    The other day I was out running errands with my family, and as we drove across town, I spotted a familiar shape and color out of the corner of my eye. I quickly circled the block, double-parked, and hopped out to take a look - it was an Indigo iMac G3! My wife snapped a pic from the car, since...
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    Beta's New Unit (7100/80 AV)

    This is so great, congrats! I know it's not a particularly beloved model - it'll never have legions of fans like a Color Classic or an SE/30... but I have a huge personal soft spot for the 7100/80. Back in 1999 I was desperate for a 'modern' Mac and some kind soul (I think it may have been...
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    Was just given a trove of vintage goodies, including an in-box Macintosh LC!

    This past weekend, I met up with a lovely woman from my town - she'd seen some of my "Retro Roadshow" events and thought I might be interested in some of the stuff she's had stashed in her garage for decades. Among other things, she gave me the Macintosh LC that she bought new when she started...
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    Got lucky on Craigslist and ended up with a nice Mac IIci for the low, low price of FREEEE!

    Got lucky on Craigslist and ended up with a nice Mac IIci for the low, low price of FREEEE! It’s in unknown functional status at the moment, and the original owner just asked that I copy off any data which I may find on the SCSI drive (should the drive even work). Pretty cool! Other than the...
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    More details to come soon, but I just have to share these preliminary pics - I’m honestly still in shock. My wife and I picked up a complete-in-box Ne

    Thanks to some super-lucky timing with a local(ish) Craigslist ad last night, my family and I returned from a ~3 hour round-trip drive with the rear-end of my trusty Prius riding much lower than normal :D   Here's an album with pics: https://imgur.com/a/UBvt3MO Also pictured is my...
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    A gorgeous pair of mid-1990's Apple PowerBooks, saved from the e-waste recycler!

    A stranger reached out to me via a local Facebook group in my town, because he had seen some of my retro computing posts and wanted to know if I might be interested in a couple of old laptops he was about to have e-waste recycled. Naturally, I said yes, and here’s what I ended up with: a pair of...
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    Any tips for displaying a simple black/white image on a Newton 2100 or eMate?

    Howdy everyone, I've got an eMate 200 + a nicely-specced Apple Newton 2100, and an era-appropriate Mac Performa 575 to sync them with. I'm doing a fun little project for work and it occurred to me that it would be super cool to display the logo of my project on the Newton and/or eMate screen...
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    Anyone have a registration code (or a way to purchase a code) for the old Nova screensaver?

    After Dark has always been my preferred screensaver on my vintage Macs, going back to being a kid hypnotized by the "Mountains" AD module. That said, I'm finding that the AD-alternative called Nova is actually a lot more stable and seems to suck up fewer CPU cycles, which is good for my Performa...
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    Not exactly a Mac, but I picked up a distant cousin: an HP PA-RISC 712/100 workstation!

    Thanks to some extreme good Craigslist luck and a willingness to take a long drive, I’ve now joined a pretty cool club: I’m the owner of an Hewlett Packard PA-RISC 712/100 UNIX workstation! Obviously this is not a classic Mac, but as one of the few "white box" machines that supported NeXTSTEP...
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    NeXT Cube and NeXTStation TurboColor

    Thanks to an outstanding package put together by our own @archer174 + amazingly generous encouragement and support from my wife, I'm now the overjoyed, can't-really-believe-his-luck owner of a pair of gorgeous NeXT computers: a NeXT Cube (well, technically a "NeXT Computer" since this one is a...
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    An SE/30 Thought Experiment

    Daydreaming today about building THE ULTIMATE SE/30 got me wondering: is there any combination of upgrades and add-ons for the SE/30 which would result in having a CPU upgrade + internal greyscale + internal Ethernet? I feel like many upgraded SE/30's have one or (sometimes) two of those, but is...
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    Trying to find a VRAM upgrade for my Performa 575 - suggestions welcome

    Hi guys!  I'm having a blast getting my 'new' Performa 575 kitted out and running smoothly. I was up late last night getting my new external SCSI2SD configured - took a few tries but I've now got it partitioned with System 7.6 installed from CD, which is great. I've also installed an Ethernet...
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    Meme titles aside, I could not be more excited to now own a Performa 575! This happened last week, as a result of an astonishing act of generosity by @JRL (who donated the 'body' of the Performa, which was in good shape but lacking a motherboard), and an excellent transaction with...