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    What shall I do with a Quadra 700 case?

    So when I got my collection down from the loft during lockdown, I found to my initial delight, and then dismay, that I had a Quadra 700 (surely this is everyone’s favourite colour 68k mac?) Dismay because upon opening it up I found that I had previously removed the logic board and all...
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    Which SE Ethernet card do I have?

    Now that I have my SE booting again (yay!) I'd like to connect it to my Ethernet network.  I have one of these:  2nd pic is the little daughter card that attaches to the back of the SE. Anyone know what it is and where I might find drivers for it? I'm running System 6.0.8.  Cheers, Joel
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    Will this printer work with modern and old macs?

    Hi everyone  I need a new colour laser printer. My IT guy is recommending the following - will this work with system 6/7 Macs on the same network running the LaserWriter driver? Not easy to tell  Brother MFC-L8690CDW
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    FDHD drive not accepting floppy disk

    Hi everyone,  Is there a guide to repairing / rebuilding an FDHD drive? The one in my SE is not working. I have to shove the disk in quite hard, it doesn't have that servo-assisted action it should have, nor does it read disks.  Is there a "howto" on this? I've tried a good cleanup and...