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    Pin Matrix for PPC ZIF modules?

    These guys might have it, or they could certainly make it: www.advanced.com/products/
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    G4 Quicksilver wont turn on

    Can you test the CPU and RAM boards in a different machine? It sounds like something changed when cleaning, so maybe another clean with warm soapy water, then rinse with warm distilled water would help. You can gently blow from the sides of the BGA chips to try and clean out stuff under them...
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    Daystar Genesis MP (again!)

    That's pretty neat; I've never heard of a quad before. What does the CPU board look like?
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    So, I bought a 1GHz 7455...

    Perhaps you could try soldering a 40-pin connector as a warmup for what you plan to do.
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    So, I bought a 1GHz 7455...

    Assuming you already have the tools and experience to solder 500pin chips, then I think the cheapest way to connect that chip to your computer is to buy a used quicksilver CPU board and solder it on there.
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    Quick Question: would this work in a Quicksilver?

    One of the pinned threads in this sub-forum talks about swapping CPUs: https://68kmla.org/bb/index.php?threads/g4-processor-swaps.24417/ A quicksilver CPU can be used in an AGP, but you need to move/remove the IDE connector for the optical drive, change the bus multiplier for the CPU to run on...
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    Homebrew Mac case replacements

    I have a Cube redone in thin wood, with most of the PCB still exposed. It's plain and about the size of a Mini, because it doesn't have the 3.5" drive (replaced with small SSD) or the full size CD drive.
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    New PowerMac G4/G4 Server Setup

    Nice setup! What are the machine specs? I have also enjoyed building dream setups that were beyond my means when they first came out. Is the "server" version of the G4 tower just a SCSI card and a Sever version of OS X? You can get blank covers for that other bay, but I'm pretty sure it's a...
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    G4 cube becomes unstable when ethernet is connected

    I've only seen this happen on a quicksilver, and it turned out to be the CPU. It would also lock up doing large file transfers. If you have a large folder, like 30GB, then duplicate it in Finder, does it complete that task? One easy thing to try is remove all but one RAM stick, then rotate...
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    Unexpected surprise in a G4 cube...

    How does the CPU connect to the heatsink? Does it use the original copper heat plate and spring clip or does it have something different from Sonnet? Does it make good contact, thermal paste, base fan, etc? Basically I'm wondering if the CPU is getting too hot, because it sounds like it works...
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    Overclocking the Sonnet Encore ST/G4

    Nice! You've confirmed that you can change the speed through the microcontroller. I wonder which speed combinations are supported. If the older sonnet boards use the same controller, the 800 and 1000MHz cards might give you more data points. Perhaps there's even a reasonable pattern to the...
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    Unexpected surprise in a G4 cube...

    Nice find on the Cube and CPU upgrade! How hot does the 5v section of the VRM get? I'd say you're at the limit with that CPU, and you probably already know that the VRM failure mode is catastrophic. You could add some heatsinks to the VRM to help.