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    PEx ROM Project

    Here's some pics of my boards.... I think the one that was fully working/booting is missing the HD at the moment and the backup of said HD. Out on loan to a fellow 68ker
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    PEx ROM Project

    My quest but sadly this site's changed a few times so I think a lot of things were lost. Pretty disappointing overall but it is what it is. Ill try to snap some pics of the PEX I've got here.
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    PEx ROM Project

    If I recall... very fuzzy. I think both of mine have different chimes. The one that @blitter has is fully operational. I think/recall it freezes on startup but if you reset the finder it will come to life. There are some fairly nutty files on mine from what I recall as well. I think blitter was...
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    Help identifying display

    Hey everyone. I've got a PowerBook I'm trying to restore. The screen flickers on, but no backlight and/or image I can see. I'm fairly sure it's the actual display but don't know what screen I need to replace it. Any info is greatly appreciated, and if someone has one lying around, I'd be happy...
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    haplain's never-ending quest

    So I was able to work out a deal on that W.A.L.T. The seller was really cool. I've never seen one in this color before. After some poking around I realized a PB 140 charger would work to start it up. That being said, I cleaned it up and bit and plugged it in. It turns on... sadly the hard drive...
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    haplain's never-ending quest

    Picked these beauties up a few weeks ago. Unreleased (half sized) clear, and beige Profileish drives... Hopefully I can get at least two of them working. 
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    Help identifying printer

    I'm not sure if this is an Apple printer or not but I figured someone here might be able to help. Can anyone identify this cover/if it's an Apple printer? I appreciate the help!
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    PowerBook help

    So I'm working on a very special powerbook and need some help... the motherboard has the PowerBook 165/180 style CPU connector (larger than the PowerBook 170 style). The issue is the inverter board. The board on top is the one I need to use with the PowerBook's motherboard for the connector but...
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    Lisa Keyboard Pads

    Found this on eBay. Seems like a really good price. I've seen people trying to sell them for $3.00 a pop...
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    Lisa HD Question

    I've been trying to determine how many MB's the HD inside my Lisa is... the only indication I have for anything is the number of blocks. Is that how one tells what the internal HD size is? 
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    Dynamac EL manual?

    Here you go. 
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    ANS 500/132 help

    Got the ANS from eBay. It doesn't work, which is how it was described. I suspect it might be the PSU but have a few questions. Do they keys being in a certain position/lock engaged a certain way stop the unit from working/not work? Anything helps and thanks. 
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    Apple Interactive TV Box

    TA DA!!!!!!! All it requires is the correct ROM chip in order to work. Sequence to boot: 1) Turn on Power 2) Wait for Red power light to turn orange 3) Hit power again 4) Plug in to TV Now with the extensions I have I should be able to put them on an external HD and maybe get it working...
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    Apple Interactive TV Box

    Alright, let's get one of these little guys going :)
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    Trashed JLPGA Help

    As the saying goes, beggars can't be choosers. While I'd like to have a PERFECT LPGA PowerBook they seem to evade me so I took what I could get. Rather than starting a new topic I figured I'd just continue on this tread. The LPGA PB showed up today, I knew it had some damage, wasn't working...