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    Clarifications for a (not?) takky mod

    Thanks! I'll go with VGA then
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    Clarifications for a (not?) takky mod

    I'm looking to build a takky myself using a 5500 board, but I'm not sure what 640x480 mod is required. In PowerCC they talk about the VGA and the HiRes mods on the Takky page, which one is better? Do I have to cut and solder the transformer traces on both configurations?
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    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    Hey, sorry for the late response. the clips should be already on thingiverse, in this link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4368963 cheers
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    SCSI2SD on a Macintosh Portable, but keeping the essence!

    So I got an original M5120 Macintosh Portable a few months ago. It was listed as non working, but after a recap it would turn on again fine. The real issue was the hard drive. It was impossible to make it work. It would keep the Macintosh on a permanent rebooting loop. After doing a couple tests...
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    Losing battle against Macintosh Color Classic

    I'd need some help here with a Macintosh Color (ColoUr) Classic I bought a couple weeks ago. It was listed as not working, but when I got here a quick inspection at the logic board revealed a bad placed ROM chip, which had two pins out of the socket. Once placed properly it booted up, although...
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    Macintosh Portable - Hard Drive freezing at startup

    A few days ago I got a good deal on a non working M5120 Macintosh Portable. I recapped it and it works fine except for the floppy and the hard drive. I think the floppy drive may have dirty heads or something, because mechanically it seems to work, but can't read or initialize any disc. I had a...
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    MiniScribe 20MB Apple 20SC HD

    Good afternoon (for me), I decided to write this thread apart from the other one about this device because I don't want to divert the attention from the main thread. So to put you in situation, I have a Macintosh Plus with an Apple 20SC HD that originally came with a 20MB MiniScribe drive. I...
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    New SE and Miniscribe deep-dive

    I have the exact same problem, when turning on it keeps making this click-click forward-backward noise for a couple minutes, and then stops. I've been able to format and even read and write succesfully using Silverlining, but won't mount without it, so I can't boot from it. Did you solve something?
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    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    Finally I got Loctite 401 and glued the clip to the center cover. I left 24h before mounting and it looks very solid. It came in with a very satisfying click noise and stays in place properly. I printed it with a 0.2mm nozzle and set layer height at 0.1mm to achieve better resolution.
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    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    Finally, I finished the PB 100 series hinge fix. This one has been a little more tricky than the 500 series by some reasons, and I had to reprint it a few times to correct a couple issues. Some considerations: -Unlike the 500 series, the backpanel of the display isn't flat. This makes glueing...
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    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    Update on the PB100 fix project, I've just finished the first attempt. I'll print during night and see if it fits. I alreasy glued the threads on my 170, I didn't remember. It's a question of time that I have to to it anyway, so I think I will remove all threads and test if the 3D printed fix...
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    Multiplayer games over localtalk?

    So my nephews are coming today and I was wondering if there's any multiplayer game over localtalk network. Ideally for 68K. I know that The Oregon Trail CD version had some kind of network playing, but I don't think my nephews will be very excited about. Do you know about something?
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    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    I came up with two designs that may work, I haven't tested yet as I don't have epoxy glue right now, but both fit well. The first one fits between the two broken clips (you need to cut them flat). The second has a large glueing area, but requires to remove both clips completely and centering...
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    PowerBook 540c hinge restoration: SUCCESS!!!

    Basically that's it. I got on fixing the hinge of my pretty little PB 540c, that had the display completely detached due to a broken case, and I dare to call it a success. I'd like to share it with you, in case someone finds it interesting. First I tried with epoxy glue, that did the trick for...
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    Tunnel Vision On Monochrome Active Matrix Powerbooks

    Second cooking was a huge success. I left the display in the oven for the whole afternoon and the tunnel effect has completely gone, while the screen still “burns” and windows and menu bars are still visible for a few seconds. Nothing to do with a passive display such as PB 100 or 140, but way...