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    G4 cube fully supported Linux ?

    "Rage Mobility" comes in both Rage Pro (IE, Mach64-descended chips) and Rage 128 flavors, but digging through the rest of that doc it lists "PowerBook4,1" as a supported system... which translates to the first-gen Snow iBook G3s, which had Rage 128-based Mobility chips so.... yeah, it's pretty...
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    IIc+ compatibility

    I'm honestly not sure there's that much meaningful difference in footprint between a IIc and a IIe, given on the IIc you need to leave enough room on the side to stuff a disk in, a IIe in at least some circumstances lets you stack the drives on top, etc.
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    Apple ][ (or ][ PLUS)?

    ... okay, FWIW, Here's the Fall 1981-Winter 1982 catalog, and it still lists part numbers for ordering an Integer Basic Apple II. (Page 3). This catalog, "Spring/Summer 1982 dated from March 1982, has it absent. So maybe that's the answer, the plain II was "officially" discontinued in early...
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    Apple ][ (or ][ PLUS)?

    So 46th week of 80. So I guess the "1981" date attributed to Rev 7 is a ballpark number. Which makes sense, actually. What really sets the Rev 07 apart from the earlier boards is it incorporates a number of changes to reduce the amount of radio frequency interference the computer emitted. The...
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    Apple ][ (or ][ PLUS)?

    Based on a quick Google to refresh my memory a board with soldered RAM size jumpers is a Rev. -04, made from 1979 through 1980, and that was the first board used in factory ][plus-es. It was also used in plain II's. As you've noticed the most common version in Plus-es is the -07, circa 1981...
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    Different 128k models

    Only if you're one of those people that wants one of every variant. Then, sure, you'll need it?
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    CF Card in a Blue G3

    IDE is just plain janky in the B&W, even the supposedly "fixed" ones. (As it is on similar era machines, like the tray-loading iMac, Beige G3, etc.) I ran into all sorts of random compatibility issues with those things back in the day with normal hard disks. For most retro purposes I have...
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    VGA->Arduino->Mac Portable LCD

    To cut to the chase, no. It would be easier to give a precise answer if we had the datasheet for the Portable's LCD, but most of those ancient monochrome LCDs don't use timing anything like a CRT. (This was alluded to in the other thread you linked to this one. Some of these LCDs aren't even all...
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    SDXC via PCMCIA?

    I would assume it’s just a standard adapter that’s been “certified to work” in the car application, but I suppose it’s remotely possible there’s something proprietary about it.
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    WPA2 for PowerBooks/iBooks?

    I was unreasonably proud of myself years ago when I managed to get WPA1 working on an unmodified Orinoco Silver card pulled out of an original Apple AirPort plugged into an ISA->PCMCIA adapter slotted into a 200mhz Pentium I Dolch lunchbox running Debian. (There was some black magic you could...
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    Is the G4 1.5/64 Mac mini worth getting?

    Is there really anything that falls into this category? So far as I know the “grunt” of the GPU in the two models is basically the same, just one of them has more RAM integrated onto the die. (I could be mistaken but I‘m pretty sure the Mini used essentially a Mobility chip without external...
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    WPA2 for PowerBooks/iBooks?

    Unless your pre-WPA2 WiFi card is unusually gifted a firmware update won’t be able to upgrade it. WPA1 was specifically designed to be able to use the (flawed) CRC encryption hardware built for WEP using an algorithm called “TKIP” which secures the connection by constantly iterating the key set...
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    Mac OS 7.1 drivers for USB 2.0 & FireWire 800

    As was expressed earlier, I'm not entirely sure it would even really be practical to implement a full OHCI stack on something as slow as a 68030. I mean, that's probably pessimistic, but it's not exactly the lightest weight thing in the world. And frankly there really isn't much of a point if...
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    Reverse Engineering the Macintosh Plus PCB

    My tentative hope would be it might not be too hard to zap it out, considering the ROM has already been mapped/hacked enough to work with the "Rominator" ROM disk. For that matter, sort of relating to another thread going on right now, I'm kind of thinking there might be doors here to directly...
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    Mac OS 7.1 drivers for USB 2.0 & FireWire 800

    If we were trimming the scope to *just* being a storage solution and we don't care about USB support per se for 68K versions of MacOS then clearly the best solution would be to punt the whole USB stack mess by using a microcontroller that already has drivers for the devices you want to support...