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    Apple IIc Original Disks

    Does anybody know what disks the Apple IIc shipped with? My Google Fu has failed me here. I remember having them when I was a kid, but now as an adult i'm at a loss.
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    Color Classic Analog Board Diodes

    As part of my ongoing saga with my basket case Color Classic, I took another look at the analog board and saw some burning around DL21 and DL22. At least one did not test right on a meter, so I figure it's easy to just replace them Could those cause my CC to not start up? All it does is make a...
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    Color Classic Analog Board problems

    So I was recently able to aquire a Color Classic with a 575 board. It was supposedly working when shipped. When I got the machine, nothing. I tried all of the normal troubleshooting steps, let it sit, unplug and replug the logic board with power switch on, clean the contacts. I also pulled the...
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    So, stupid question...

    Are the through hole caps on an SE/30 logic board plated through hole? If they are, how bad is it in the long run if those came out during recapping it? The computer boots and runs fine, just curious if I messed up, and how bad...
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    DuoDock SCSI disk mode woes

    So I finally got most of the stuff I needed to get my Duo running, and I'm trying to move files to it from my 3400. I can't seem to get the DuoDock to go into SCSI disk mode. I'm using the right adapter, no I'd conflicts, but it won't go into disk mode. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    FleaBay Find: Duo 230 with DuoDock and a CL SE/30

    Well my first Mac project in a while is two fold. I got a great deal on a Duo 230 with the dock. Both work well, except the dock top clips are broken and the slot door is missing. After a trip to Florida for various reasons, it's all up here with me in NC and I can finally get started.  While...
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    eBay Find: Duo 230 with working DuoDock!

    So I managed to score a great deal on a working Duo 230 and DuoDock! Just missing the ball and Retaining ring(which I'm hoping some kind soul on here might happen to have a spare btw lol) I have been dying to get one of these for many uears!nd, and get it up and running on my desk. (Of which I...
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    PowerBook 3400c Keyboard woes

    So I just picked up a PB 3400c while out on the road (truck driver lol, makes conquests a bit easier). It boots and all, but I've only got half the keyboard working. Now, I did remove the pram battery, it hadn't exploded,  but when I removed the screw for the speaker, it looked a bit rusted...
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    The PB Duo 2300c that just wouldn't die...

    So. In my new quests with vintage apple collecting, I seem to have acquired the most homely PB duo one has ever seen. The battery blew up long ago. The front filter on the LCD panel has become melted and distorted from sitting in an outside junk pile. The best one though...the power supply...
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    Quadra 700 Ethernet Woes

    So...I finally got another ADB keyboard and a vga adapter...and as luck would have it...I also got my local surplus store (Astro Too)'s lone AAUI adapter. Tada! I have it all hooked up on my desk. Now. I want to share some files to the Quadra. (The 700 is such an awesome little computer!) But...
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    Apple IIgs Fatal System Error 0911

    Ok, so I have managed to find my way back into the apple collecting hobby accidentally. :p I have since aquired an Apple IIgs that when I turn it on, I get Fatal System Error 0911. I know that the error has to do with ADB. I am going to try the lightbulb over the ADB chipset trick. I also have...
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    Scored another...and it works like a top!

    Well...I thought I had back out of this hobby, but god bless. this beautiful PB 3400c among a corroded PowerBook Duo, a 1400cs with a messed up screen and a couple of DuoDocks...I found this little gem of a PB 3400c. Works great with 144mb RAM, and even a rather decent battery to boot! All this...
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    First conquest in a long time! And it was a good one!

    Welp, I haven't been here in a long time, kinda got out of vintage macs. BUTTTTTT, I found one that I just couldnt pass up. I found it on a humongous stack of old macs. Unforutnately I could only save one mac, so I made it count...I got myself a Quadra 700!!!! Now just need to find a keyboard...
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    Possible Conquest: Mac Plus...with a suprise?

    I'll know more after 3PM, but hopefully this guy will trade my android netbook for it! http://spacecoast.craigslist.org/sys/3863615919.html
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    Possible: Apple II or II Plus

    I might have a possible conquest in Daytona. It looks to be a II or II Plus, maybe someone here can help me ID this beauty for...$20! http://daytona.craigslist.org/sys/3630726791.html