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    PowerBook 500 Series plastic retainer bar?

    @aladds The parts came right at the holidays but I finally got some time to try it out, and… success!! Fits very securely! Thanks again!
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    SDXC via PCMCIA?

    Hmm, I wonder if the adapter is 3v vs. the 5v slots the PowerBook 1400 has. Cards are supposed to be keyed to prevent mismatch use though. I had this problem in reverse trying to read QuickCam 5v smart media cards through a PCMCIA adapter meant only for machines with 3v slots.
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    Will this SCSI terminator work plugged into the logic board?

    So are there three types of internal terminators we are talking about: Passive: The "820-0408-01" clone @Stephen made (PCB design) - I'm assuming this one is passive as it doesn't have a voltage regulator or 110 ohm resistor packs. Active: A potential clone of the gray Data Mate that Apple put...
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    Rayovac 4.5 battery replacement hack

    I was trying to find some more backing on the ever truthful internet for the idea that alkaline batteries (like the Rayovac) lose voltage faster than regular, non-rechargeable, lithium batteries (like 1/2 AA and CR3032) and found this: http://www.boat-project.com/tutorials/aa_batteries_1.htm...
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    Rayovac 4.5 battery replacement hack

    I'm wondering the same thing. The fact that all the Apple Service source docs I've checked for Mac's with these 4.5V batteries say the same thing as those with (single) 3.6V 1/2 AA batteries, "If the battery voltage is below 3.0 V, replace the battery" makes me think that maybe the logic board...
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    Will this SCSI terminator work plugged into the logic board?

    I'm looking for an internal terminator for an original Duo Dock. Sometime in its past it looks to have had an internal hard drive and a Nubus card installed which are no longer there, terminator likely got tossed when the HD was added. This is the one from my Duo Dock II: Question though, is...
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    Rayovac 4.5 battery replacement hack

    I’ve previously used a 3 AAA battery holder to replace the dead Rayovac 4.5v “Computer Clock Battery” in a couple of my Macs. After some chat discussions I thought I’d try something different for my Performa 575, especially after noticing that in the Macintosh LC 520/550/575 Service Source doc...
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    The MacIPpi Rpi. The MacIPpi concept for Raspberry Pi.

    I just setup MacIPpi Rpi on a new Raspberry Pi 4 (Model B 2GB RAM) and I'm really liking it! I used a 64GB SD card as I want to use it as an "appliance like" server/achieve for my home network retro Macs. I'd previously tried to use a G4 Mac mini running 10.4 for this but it doesn't support the...
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    Wombat (650, 800) board overclocking limitations

    That sounds like an awesome book!
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    LC II dual floppy ports possible with soldered connector?

    Isn't the V8 video? WILD guess: Internal video connector for a never released all-in-one design?
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    IIFX and G4 Cube networking HELP!

    Oh, I forgot you said you were using a AsanteTalk ethernet/AppleTalk bridge... that will work for the LocalTalk to Ethernet AppleTalk (the network protocol, not the original way the LocalTalk serial port based networking was also referred to) conversion but not LocalTalk to Ethernet IP...
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    IIFX and G4 Cube networking HELP!

    I think the chart you reference may be misleading, below it the author says (bold/underline added by me): Mac OS X 10.0: This software is omitted for stability reasons. Any hardware that can run this OS can run Jaguar. AFP over AppleTalk is not included in 10.0 (only AFP over TCP/IP, there is a...
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    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    “Gambling sites like eBay” LOL I guess its all part of the “fun” with this hobby! Win some, miss some, loose some, randomly luck into some, envy others good luck… I kinda enjoy hearing about others good luck and finds, it CAN happen for you too!
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    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    So I lucked into having a local eBay listing for a lot including a Peforma 575! First eBay transaction I've completed in 1 day. :) Macintosh Performa 575 with Macintosh Essentials box and all the docs Power Macintosh G3 Desktop 266MHz with lots of broken internal plastic, missing ZIP drive...
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    PowerBook 1400 Restoration: Redux

    This is great! Can you share the cap part numbers you used? Get them from Mouser?